Lord of Ghor

The Rt. Hon. Lord of G′or, Lord Tjang PC OA (Shinasthana: 桓侯, g′or-go; Apr. 25, 1798 – Nov. 23, 1870) was a Themiclesian aristocrat, bureaucrat, and Conservative politician. He served as Prime Minister of Themiclesia from 1860 to 1861.  He is usually credited with the recreation of a Conservative party in the House of Commons, after 15 years of Liberal dominance by the Lord of Rjai-lang.


Inner Administrator

During the brief premiership of Lord Hrus-mjen (孝文君), the Lord of Ghwal was appointed as Inner Administrator, overseeing the collection of land revenues. He lost this position under Rjai-lang's government.

Leader of the opposition

Though Themiclesian politics had a partisan flavour in the late 1700s between the aristocracy and metropolitan and colonial commercial classes, the Great Settlement and subsequent franchise reforms had banished the commercial classes from the political scene, creating effectively a one-party government. After 1825, lack of leadership, the passing of crises, and diversifying aristocratic interests contributed to the dilution of party politics. The commercial classes used various measures to assert their lost political voices and forced the opening of the franchise in 1845. This again drastically altered the political scene and created a system of a Liberal, elective chamber and a Conservative, hereditary one. The Conservatives in the 1850s finally regained a footing in the elected chamber to contest Liberal supremacy there.

Prime Minister

On Apr. 2, 1860, Rjai-lang resigned as prime minister and asked the House of Lords to seek his replacement. While the Lord of Sng′rja′ was widely expected to take over, he deferred in favour of



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