Capital of Brytene
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The Burg

Country  Brytene
Canton Anglaland
Founded 1200 BCE
City Reeve Birgit Sas

Population 3,394,213 (2014)
Area 2,720 km2
Elevation 6m

Demonym Lundener
Time zone UTC +1
Postcode ANG-L
Number plate code LUN
Phone code +77

Lundene is the capital city of Brytene and of the Anglaland Canton. Despite having a smaller population than the industrial center of Contwaraburg, it is the largest city in Brytene in terms of area, notable for its pleasant and managed layout and flora-rich environment. It is home to the Witenagmot and the monarchy of Brytene, and serves as the headquarters of several important major firms such as SpearCorp Solutions and IDAItech, as well as housing Fleet Command, headquarters of the Confederate Brytisc Fleet.


Early history

Lundene has been inhabited since approximately 1200 BCE and was originally a small town, but when Hengist and Horsa made it the seat of their new Kingdom the fort at Castle Oakhall quickly grew, spreading out to become the city of Lundene.

Modern age

Lundene remained the centre of power in the Brytisc Isles for centuries, with the establishment of the Witenagmot making it a political powerhouse whilst the river and sprawling dockyards turned Lundene into an international trade hub.

Restrictive zoning laws and building standards, introduced comparatively early, somewhat throttled the growth of Lundene, an effect which made itself abundantly clear during the Industrial Revolution. The rival city of Contwaraburg grew in this time to become a centre of industrial manufacturing and trade, but the financial and political elite remained in Lundene, providing it status as a wealthy and attractive alternative to the inexpensive and sprawling Contwaraburg.

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