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Mageiros League

ML member states in dark green
ML member states in dark green
Other languagesBashk
TypeIntergovernmental organization
Membership Cuthland-Waldrich
• Secretary General
• Chairman of the General Council
29 September 1944
3 March 1954
31 February 1955
• 2020 estimate

The Mageiros League (ML) is an intergovernmental organization between the three states of Cuthland-Waldrich, Erytheria, and Hardhiara. The League serves as a mechanism for political, economic, and security cooperation between its member states, including provisions for collective security and the coordination of trade and diplomacy.

The ML originated with the Treaty of Cingsham, a bilateral agreement between Erytheria and Cuthland-Waldrich signed on 29 September 1944 in the immediate aftermath of the Peninsular Revolution and Cutho-Waldish reunification. Hardhiara was brought under the Treaty's provisions through the Kujkë Agreement on 3 March 1955, following the social and political upheaval of the Glorious Regeneration. This multilateral relationship was further expanded through the Mageiros Declaration on 31 February 1955, which established the League as a formal body to implement the provisions of previous agreements and promote further cooperation.

The stated goal of the Mageiros League is to prevent the rise of a continental hegemon in Cardia following the collapse of Cornicae in the mid-20th century. However, the League has been subject to substantial criticism from human rights groups for legitimizing illiberal policies and wars of aggression by its member states, notably invading the Island of Reth in 1960. Due to the geostrategic location of its three member states at vital choke points surrounding Cardia, it is often referred to by the international media as the "Three Wolves at the Gate".