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Article of the month
Haller Base facilities on the surface.png
Haller Base, officially the Haller Base–Lunar Research Station (Hesurian: Haller-Basis Lunare Forschungsstation), is a Mascyllary research station on the sloped rim of the Jenssen E crater in the Soguichi Plateau, on the surface of Luna, the second planet of the world's binary planet system. It was operated under the Lunar Exploration Initiative (MLEI) jointly of the MAOA and Air Force from 1987 to 2009 and is considered to be the furthermost point of Mascyllary jurisdiction and only one on Luna. The base is named in honour of rocketry pioneer and polar explorer Emil Haller who was a significant contributor to the foundation of the MAOA and its early human spaceflight projects. Haller Base is the first modular planetary station and first large man-made structure on Luna, and was assembled by over multiple subsequent manned missions from 1987 to 1999. The original base, less than a fifth of the... (See more...)
Nation spotlight
Norden flag.png
Norden, officially the Nordic Kingdom (Dalish: Nordisk Kongerige) is a sovereign state which is primarily located on the Telmerian Peninsula in northern Berea. Two islands within the White Sea known as Langrey and Svalland also form part of Nordic territory, as well as the dependency of Snaeland located within the North Agric Ocean. The country is bordered to the east by Cuthland along the Dentrian Mountains, whilst also sharing a maritime border with Mascylla within the White Sea. Mainland Norden also has an extensive coastline along the Telmeric Sea which hosts a large number of fjords and lakes. Norden is home to a population of 24.6 million people, making it the third-largest country on the Telmerian Peninsula by population. With the exclusion of its overseas territories, Norden is also the third-largest country in the region by land area at 468,853.1 square kilometres (181,025.2 sq mi). The capital and largest city is Kristianshavn located in the south-west of the country which is the most densely populated and urbanised region within Norden. (See more...)
Weekly news
Imil Asvotey
  • Falland records its highest ever temperature of 39.2 °C amidst a worsening heat wave, leaving at least 4 dead.
  • Wildfires in south-western Mascylla injure at least 30 people and destroy 85 buildings.
  • The Chelagey Supreme Court announces it will continue its investigation into former president Imil Asvotey (pictured) after allegations of voter fraud into the 2013 elections.
  • Former Auroran athlete and arching gold medalist Hannah Klöftauer dies at the age of 94.
  • An explosion at an oil storage tank in Akawhk closes the port and kills 3 workers, injuring an additional 39.
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Greater coat of arms of the Dulebian Loxstedts during the rule of Tsar Alexander III (1886-1914) of the Dulebian Empire.
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