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The media of Mascylla are a broad mass consumed array of products and formats: in type of online, print, and broadcast media, such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and websites. It also developed a strong and varied music industry. Mascylla at large has a wide field of providers, both state-owned, financed by national tax revenues, and for-profit organizations and companies which rely and depend on advertising, subscription, and other generated revenues. Freedom of speech is protected by the constitution, while journalists enjoy an extensive governmental catalogue of protection and encouragement. This leads to a variety of different formats and outlets and a large consumption of media by Mascylla's populous. It is also internationally recognized and globally influential, with various media translated into other languages and their appearance known worldwide. (See more...)
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Dulebia (Dulebian: Дулебия, tr. Dulebiya), officially the Republic of Dulebia (Dulebian: Республика Дулебия, tr. Respublika Dulebiya), is a country in Berea, to the south of the Telmerian peninsula. At 312,968 square kilometres (120,837.62 sq mi), Dulebia is the 4th largest country in the world by area, and the 5th most populous, with about 29 million people as of 2017. Dulebia's capital and largest city, Ulich, is the largest metropolitan area in the country and one of the largest cities in Berea; other major cities include Kamianets, Pokrovsk, Volynsk and Vishnevsk. Dulebia spans one time zone and incorporates a wide range of environments and landforms. Dulebia shares a land border with Lavaria to the west, Krovech to the south and Rovina to the northeast, and borders the Karsk Sea to the northwest, where it shares a maritime border with Albeinland and Lyonia. (See more...)
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Greater coat of arms of the Dulebian Loxstedts during the rule of Tsar Alexander III (1886-1914) of the Dulebian Empire.
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