Monarchy of Hysera

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Emress of Hysera
Cutalaan ti'Hysera
Azara V
since 19 June 2015
StyleHis Majesty
Heir presumptiveUdreth, Prince of Vedalera
First monarchJulma the Great
Formationc. 530 BC

The monarchy of Hysera is the absolute monarchy of Hysera, distinct from the monarchies of Trellin and of the Isles of Velar, all of which have the same monarch. The current monarch is Azara V, who ascended to the throne on 19 June 2015 after the abdication of her father, Mahrim II.

It is one of the oldest monarchies in Astyria, having been established by Julma the Great around 530 BC. In 811, the Hyseran Empire was annexed by Tovelindra I of Trellin, and since then the King of Trellin has also reigned as Emperor of Hysera.