Monarchy of Trellin

King of Trellin
Demrë Trelli'ka
Coat of Arms of Trellin.png
Azara V
since June 2015
StyleHer Majesty
Heir presumptiveUdreth, Prince of Vedalera
First monarchAmadar I
Formationc. 285 BC
ResidencePalace of Tor'qim

The monarchy of Trellin, more commonly referred to as the Sidereal Crown, is the absolute monarchy of Trellin, distinct from the monarchies of Hysera and of the Isles of Velar, all of which have the same monarch. Arimathea, Kur'zhet and Txekrikar, which have their own monarchies, and Cadenza, which is a republic, are client states of the Trellinese monarchy. The current monarch is Azara V, who inherited the throne on the abdication of her father, Mahrim II, in June 2015.

The Trellinese monarchy dates its origins back to the original, 4th century BC Ethlorek settlement of modern Trellin, under the leadership of Perrë Ieqentui, and later the semi-legendary "Lady of the Ethlorekoz" Thaera. The first ruler to take the title King of Trellin was Amadar I in 285 BC. All subsequent rulers, with the exception of Zilmar the Usurper, claimed descent from the first king and thus from Thaera, who had become partially deified. The assassination of Mokhra II, in 1047, ended the lines of supposed direct descent, though House Kazdorir in the 15th century, and thus its successor House Palægos, claimed a more indirect inheritance, through Mokhra's brother-in-law of Jemeg I.

The most common metonym for the monarchy, frequently used even in official names (such as the navy, fully the Royal Armadas of the Sidereal Crown), is the "Sidereal Crown." This refers to a widely-held belief that the black diamonds (carbonado) used in the silver royal crown come from a meteorite which landed in the Vekra Retiqa. These diamonds are thus symbolic of Trellin's divine patron in the state religion, Thaera.