Mountain Rescue Service (Nikolia)

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Mountain Rescue Service
Gorska služba spašavanja
Górskie Pogotowie Ratunkowe
Emblem of the Mountain Rescue Service of Nikolia
Formation21 August, 1921
PurposeMountain rescue
HeadquartersWarta, Nikolia
Region served
Nikolia(operating internationally as well)
President of the Mountain Rescue Service
Miroslav Hariček
Parent organization
Red Cross of Nikolia

The Mountain Rescue Service (Sirmian: Gorska služba spašavanja, Mazurian: Górskie Pogotowie Ratunkowe, GSS/GPR) of Nikolia provides nationwide mountain rescue operations, as well as search and rescue operations in remote and challenging terrains in cooperation with other emergency services of Nikolia. The organisation operates as part of the Red Cross of Nikolia and is part of the Nikolian Integrated Emergency Services System.


Organisational structure

The Mountain Rescue Service of Nikolia follows the similar structure to its parent organisation - Red Cross of Nikolia, with national headquarters being merely an administrative unit, and subordinate territorial operational units.

  • Headquarters, located in Warta, Tarnogora, is structured in presidency, executive board and 6 departments
    • Presidency - the President Miroslav Hariček holds a representative role in the Mountain Rescue Service
    • Executive board - principal collective executive body of the organisation, with Secretary General as chairman
    • Search and Rescue department
    • Ski terrains department
    • Medical department
    • Preparation and Training department
    • Equipment and logistics department
    • Marketing and PR department
  • Territorial units: aligned to Red Cross of Nikolia organisational structure, territorial units of Mountain Rescue Service are often attached to the Red Cross units in regions of Nikolia where there is a need for them. Currently the following Voivodeship-level territorial units exist
    • GSS Sirmia
    • GSS Mur
    • GSS Kalesia
    • GSS Nitria
    • GSS Cerevia
    • GSS Gledovia
    • GSS Idria
    • GSS Litenia
    • GPR Mazuria
    • GPR Kuyavia
    • GPR Srebrogora
    • GPR Tarnogora


Tasks of the Mountain Rescue Service of Nikolia, as described in statutory document are:

  • Organise and carry out search and rescue operations in mountain areas and other difficult terrains
  • Provide immediate first aid to the injured and carry out safe transport
  • Operate and maintain Mountain Rescue stations
  • Maintain and install warning and monitoring equipment on ski slopes
  • Patrol the ski slopes, mountain ridges and tracks
  • Provide education and information to mountaingoers on safety measures
  • Cooperate with other emergency services in the area of operations, most notably with Air Ambulance services, Nikolian Police and the Red Cross of Nikolia
  • Carry out avalanche observations
  • Prepare and train candidates for new members
  • Participate in other search and rescue operations within the Integrated Emergency Services System