National Bloc (Alsland)

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National Bloc

Nasjonaal blok
Nationaler Block
Rahvuslik blokk
LeaderErmnbryht Vrihte
FounderVillem Mand
Founded11 June 1926; 96 years ago (1926-06-11)
Headquarters61U8 Jansenstrjitte Yndyk
Youth wingYoung Bloc
Membership (2021)42,192
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
Euclean Parliament groupAlliance of Conservatives and Democrats for Euclea
Colors     Blue
Slogan"With the people"
51 / 201
Federal Council
1 / 96
Community Parliaments
1 / 608
Euclean Parliament
11 / 24

The National Bloc (Dellish: Nasjonaal blok, Weranian: Nationaler Block, Swathish: Lėodsameln, Kirenian: Rahvuslik blokk; NB), also referred to as The Bloc, is a centre-right political party in Alsland. The Bloc is the largest party in Alsland and governed the country continuously between 1929 and 1990 through various coalitions. The bloc is a member of the Alliance of Conservatives and Democrats for Euclea group within the Euclean Parliament.

Since 2014 the Bloc has been led by Ermnbryht Vrihte. The Bloc has 51 seats in the Folkssenaat since the 2018 legislative election and X Members of the Euclean Parliament. It has an official cooperation agreement with the Martish Democratic Party who sit as members of the Bloc in the Folkssenaat. The bloc is traditionally a moderate, and centrist. During the latter half of the 20th century the bloc was a major proponent of Euclean Integration, liberal conservatism, federalism and economic liberalism. The bloc defines itself as "a centrist bloc based on protecting Alslandic values of Property, Democracy, tolerance and international cooperation." Between 1929 and 1940 the Bloc's rule over Alsland was described as authoritarian which led to the coinage of the term Illiberal democracy to describe it's governance of Alsland during the post-war period. After the ODRE movement the Bloc shifted away from authoritarianism whilst maintaining it's position in politics.

Since 1990 the Bloc has lost it's position as the dominant party of Alslandic centre-right in politics due to the rise of the centre-left Progressive Alliance and the centre-right Liveable Alsland. Despite this the party has participated in every coalition in Alsland except 1 since 1929.


Founding 1926-1929

National Unity government 1929-1940

ODRE movement and democratisation 1940-1946

Grand coalition with ASAY 1946-1962

Coalitions with the centre-left and right 1962-1985

End of the coalition and initial decline 1985-2004

Nieuwenhuis and 2008-09 political crisis 2004-2009

Coalition governments 2009-2021

Dünhaupt and opposition 2021-Present


Policy overview





Electoral results


Euclean parliament


Much of the party's support comes from the 'Conservative Pillar' or 'Liberal Pillar' of Alsland. Many of it's supporters are members of the middle class or in rural areas. The Bloc has tried expanding it's support among the working class in the past. The bloc has won the middle class vote by large margins throughout it's history and much of it's support base now exists in suburban regions. Small-business owners as well as other business leaders have historically backed the bloc leading to the party gaining the nickname of the "Bankers Bloc" amongst the left-wing media.