National Bloc (Alsland)

National Bloc

Nasjonaal blok
Nationaler Block
Rahvuslik blokk
LS (Fawkhamshire and Hamptonshire)
LeaderKonrad Dünhaupt (Sotirian Union)
FoundedJuly 15, 1923 (1923-07-15) (Alslandic Bloc)
January 12, 1957 (1957-01-12) (National Bloc)
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Sotirian Democracy
Social Conservatism
Minority politics
Economic liberalism
National conservatism
Political positionCentre-right to right wing
Euclean Parliament groupACDE (SDF, SU, KP, LY)
Colors     Blue
Slogan"With the people"
Member parties
74 / 231
Members of the Federal Presidency
1 / 4
Euclean Parliament
11 / 24

The National Bloc (Dellish: Nasjonaal blok, Weranian: Nationaler Block, Swathish: Lėodsameln, Kirenian: Rahvuslik blokk; NB) is a Liberal conservative political bloc in Alsland. The Bloc is the second largest bloc in Alsland and major participant in the country's 'Bloc system'. The bloc is a member of the Alliance of Conservatives and Democrats for Euclea.

The bloc is traditionally a moderate, and conservative with connections to the Sotirian Church. During the 20th century the bloc was a major proponent of Euclean Integration, Sotirian Democracy, Traditional family values and Economic liberalism. However since the beginning of the 21st century the bloc has moderated it's position and officially supports LGBT rights and has ended all official connections to the Sotirian church and secularised, despite receiving backing from the church. The bloc defines itself as "a Liberal Conservative bloc based on protecting Alslandic values of Friendship, Democracy, tolerance and International cooperation."

The bloc considers itself to be the official successor to the Alslander Bloc which governed Alsland during the Great War. However the bloc was officially founded in 1957 by opposition members to the governing Progressive Alliance. Originally the Bloc functioned as a catch-all organisation for opposition figures but slowly transitioned into a centre-right dominated bloc and became the dominant force in Alslandic conservatism.


Founding and government 1960-1973

Opposition to the Progressive Alliance 1976-1985

Grand coalition and opposition 1985-2004

Nieuwenhuis and 2008-09 political crisis 2004-2009

Coalition governments 2009-2021

Dünhaupt and opposition 2021-Present


Policy overview

Member parties

Party Scope Folkssenaat Euclean Parliament Ideology
Sotirian Democratic Front (SDF) Hamptonshire, Fawkhamshire
28 / 231
3 / 24
Swathish minority politics
Sotirian Democracy
Sotirian Union (SU) Garz, Zittau
23 / 231
5 / 24
Weranian minority politics
Sotirian Democracy
Social Conservatism
Conservative Party (KP) Delland, Middewald
20 / 231
2 / 24
Dellish minority politics
Liberal conservatism
Justice Party (OP) Martiland
3 / 231
0 / 24
Kirenian minority politics
Social Conservatism
Sotirian Democracy
Liveable Yndyk (LY) Yndyk
0 / 231
1 / 24
Yndyk regionalism
Conservative liberalism
Classical liberalism

Electoral results


Euclean parliament


Federal level

Provincial and municipal level


Relationships to other parties and blocs