National People's Party (Hennehouwe)

National People's Party

Nationale Volkspartij
Parti populaire national
LeaderFabian van Aitzema
ChairmanHugo Jorritsma
Deputy LeadersTheo Heemskerk
Anna Angeren
FounderAlbertus Bijleveld
Founded19 July 1961
Merger ofAmendist Party of the Right
National Sotirian Party
HeadquartersPlein van de Republiek, Oudestad, s'Holle
Think tankAlbertus Bijleveld Insitute
Student wingNationale Studenten
Youth wingjong.NVP
Sotirian democracy
Liberal conservatism
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre-right
Euclean affiliationAlliance of Conservatives and Democrats for Euclea
Colors     Green
First Chamber
13 / 60
Second Chamber
36 / 180
Regional legislatures
110 / 633
Euclean Parliament
4 / 26

The National People's Party (Hennish: Nationale Volkspartij; Gaullican: Parti populaire national; NVP) is a centre-right political party in Hennehouwe. The NVP is the main conservative party in Hennehouwe supporting Sotirian democracy whilst maintaining more liberal and conservative factions.

The NVP was formed in 1961 as a merger of the Catholic National Sotirian Party and the Amendist Party of the Right, emulating the creation of the National Consolidation Party in Werania several years earlier. The new party won its first federal electoral outing in 1964, depriving the Socialist Labour Party (SAP) of power for the first time in thirteen years, and went on to lead the first non-socialist government to serve a full term in the history of the Third Republic. The NVP lost the following election in 1970, but had broken the previously-dominant reign of the SAP. It was to govern for several intermittent periods over the following decades, including two brief administrations during the turbulent 1980's. The NVP would not serve two consecutive terms in federal government again until the period from 1998 to 2006 when it was decimated in the latter year's election over its handling of the unfolding economic crisis. It returned to power in 2014, leading a broad centre-right coalition, before being ousted once more following the 2017 election.

The NVP is currently the third-largest party in both houses of the Senate. Following the 2017 election, where it won 18.0% of the vote, it held 36 of the 180 seats in the Second Chamber. The NVP form part of three regional governments, of which it holds the governorships in two regions. The party also holds four seats in the Euclean Parliament. Its support is concentrated in suburban and regional areas of Hennehouwe, and amongst middle-class and actively religious voters.

Under its current leader Fabian van Aitzema, the party has moved in an increasingly right-wing direction, adopting more economically liberal stances and a harder line on topics such as immigration. Nevertheless it remains a predominantly centre-right party. The NVP is a member of the Euclean Democrat Union and the Alliance of Conservatives and Democrats for Euclea.