National Union for the Resurgence of Lecistan

National Union for the Resurgence of Lecistan
ChairmanTobéasz Dunôjski
Headquarters91 ul. Òłówski, Szimóngôcz
Youth wingResurgent Youth of the Nation
Social conservatism
Political positionFar-right
Royal Chamber
11 / 50
Party flag

The National Union for the Resurgence of Lecistan (Lec: Ùnijô Nôródowi dlô Pòrénkowô Lekkëbô, ÙNdPL) is a major far-right political party in Lecistan, formed from a merger of the National Party and Free Lecistan on 17 July 2015, after the loss of government to the Moderate Front in the July 2015 elections. On 19 July 2015 the party officially formed the government of Lecistan, against the results of the elections, with party leader Wiktór Kozlowski appointed as President.

The party's platform is a merger of the platforms of Free Lecistan and the National Party, emphasising a nationalistic and strong state, with a well-funded military and and implication of social conservative ideals.


Election Seats +/– Government
October 2015
40 / 50
Increase19 in government
11 / 50
Decrease29 in opposition

Party leaders

Portrait Name Term of office
1 80px Wiktór Kozlowski 17 July 2015 24 August 2015
2 80px Wincenty Miazga 24 August 2015 11 October 2015
3 80px Tobéasz Dunôjski 11 October 2015 7 November 2016
4 RadoslawSikorki2.jpg Emil Stolôrz 7 November 2016 incumbent