Party of the Swathish

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Party of the Swathish

Partẹ af þe Svạþfolc
LeaderẠlfvynn Striġder
Deputy LeaderFroda Griġmsunu
Founded3 April 1922;
100 years ago
Headquarters37 Earl's Court, Tolbury
Student wingSvạþisċ Lėrners
Youth wingĠeong Svạþfolc
Membership (2020)Increase 16,250
IdeologySwathish nationalism
Swerdian independence
Political positionCatch-all
National affiliationNationalities group
EP groupAEFR
Euclean partyADL
Colours  Green
Chamber of Commons
10 / 600
Chamber of Peers
12 / 300
State legislatures
39 / 1,500
Euclean Parliament
4 / 116

The Party of the Swathish (Swathish: Partẹ af þe Svạþfolc), also known by the abbreviation PS, is a catch-all Swathish nationalist political party in Estmere.

The party was founded in 1922 at the apex of the Swathish national revival, with the primary aim of supporting the preservation of the Swathish language and other aspects of Swathish culture through political means. The party was insignificant at the national level prior to the Great War, and a number of party members left to form the Swathish Section of the Workers' International. The party rose to national prominence during the 1937 mutiny, where it disavowed the violence of the SSWI and worked with President Wolfgar Godfredson to peacefully resolve the dispute, and is partially credited with the adoption of a federal constitution.

In post-war federal Estmere, the PS grew to represent a significant number of native Swathish speakers, and became a continuous presence in both the national Parliament of Estmere and in many state legislatures; most prominently in the Folkmoot of Swerdia, where since 2011 it has formed part of a coalition government alongside the Swerdian Progressive Social Democrats. It also has members of the state legislatures in Midland, Lowland and Scitterland. At the national level, it forms part of of the opposition to the minority Halivar ministry.

The party has been led by Ạlfvynn Striġder, a Swerdian former miner, since 2002. Froda Griġmsunu has served as deputy leader since 2018.