Progressive Social Democrats

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Progressive Social Democrats

Prȯgresiv Sȯcydėmscrats
Social-démocrates progressifs
LeaderZoe Halivar
Deputy LeaderAndrew Thompson
General SecretaryStephen Bradley
Chief WhipPeter Sargent
Founded1 May 2004;
18 years ago
Merger of
HeadquartersPSDHQ, 218 Hall Street, Morwall
NewspaperThe Clarion Call
Student wingSocial Democratic Students
Youth wingYoung Progressives
Women's wingProgressive Social Democratic Women
LGBT wingLGBT+ Progressive Social Democrats
Labour wingCETU
Membership (2019)Increase 397,000
IdeologySocial democracy
Democratic socialism
Social liberalism
Trade unionism
Political positionCentre-left
Euclean Parliament groupASE
Colours  Pink
Chamber of Commons
253 / 600
Chamber of Peers
76 / 300
State legislatures
537 / 1,500
First Ministers
7 / 13
[note 1]
Euclean Parliament
39 / 114

The Progressive Social Democrats (Swathish: Prȯgresiv Sȯcydėmscrats, Flurian: Social-démocrates progressifs), also known by the abbreviation PSD, are a centre-left political party in Estmere, which currently leads a minority government, the Halivar ministry, with support from the Greens and Left Party.


As the successor to the Socialist Party, the PSD is considered one of Estmere's three major parties alongside the Sotirian Democratic Union and the Reform Party. The party espouses social democracy and progressivism, and is seen to be pro-Euclean and liberal on social issues. There are factions which support democratic socialism, social liberalism, trade unionism and co-operatism. Zoe Halivar, considered to be on the soft left of the party, has led the party since 2016, and has served as Prime Minister of Estmere since 2021. The PSD is a founding member of Socialist Alternative for Euclea and in 2019 had a membership of 397,000.



Foundation and early years

Official opposition

Halivar government





Electoral results


  1. This figure includes Adi Harjo of Kingsport, whose Kingsport Socialist Co-operative Party is the regional affiliate of the PSD.