Parliament of Estmere

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Parliament of Estmere

Folcsmȯt af Ėastmẹrland
Parlement d'Estme
25th Parliament
Estmere Parliament Logo.svg.png
ChambersChamber of Peers
Chamber of Commons
Ted Leighton, Non-partisan
since 27 August 2023
Dominic Penderghast, Non-partisan
since 30 May 2013
Lesley Lewin, Non-partisan
since 16 June 2018
Zoe Halivar, PSD
since 3 June 2021
Reginald Wilton-Smyth, SDU
since 3 February 2023
Seats900 total
300 (Peers)
600 (Commons)
Estmere 2021 Chamber of Peers.svg
Chamber of Peers political groups
Government (76)
  •   PSD (76)

Supported by (10)

Crossbench (100)

Opposition (114)

File:2021 Estmere Parliament.svg
Chamber of Commons political groups
Government (253)

Supported by (78)

Opposition (269)

Additional member system
Last election
27 May 2021
Next election
On or before 26 May 2025
Meeting place
Parliament Building
City of Morwall, Greater Morwall
Commonwealth of Estmere

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The Parliament of Estmere (Swathish: Folcsmȯt af Ėastmẹrland, Flurian: Parlement d'Estme) is the supreme bicameral legislative body of Estmere. Parliament consists of two chambers, the upper chamber being the Chamber of Peers and the lower chamber being the Chamber of Commons. Members of the Chamber of Peers are known as Peers, and members of the Chamber of Commons are known as members of Parliament (MPs).

Parliament possesses legislative supremacy and parliamentary sovereignty. Among the two chambers, the Commons is considered supreme, drafts all legislation and can overrule the Chamber of Peers, in a case of imperfect bicameralism. Parliament meets in Parliament Building, in the Borough of the City of Morwall. Parliamentary terms can last for a maximum of four years, after which another election must be held.

Elections to the Chamber of Commons previously used first-past-the-post and plurality-at-large voting until 1938, when the Chamber adopted the additional member system. Members can therefore be elected to represent a constituency, or as part of a party list representing one of the constituent states. The Chamber of Peers is appointed, with Peers appointed to serve for a single ten year term. Peers can be appointed either by the President (in which case they must be politically neutral crossbenchers) or by the states.

The most recent general election was held on 27 May 2021; the next must be held on or before 26 May 2025.


Humble beginnings

Aftermath of the Great Anarchy

Emergence of the burghess class

Rise of the Prime Minister

Constitutional monarchy

Transitional authority

Under the Transitional Authority of Estmere, the role of Parliament was largely fulfilled by the Constitutional Assembly.

Contemporary history

On 13 June 1938, the Constitution of Estmere was ratified, and power was handed from the Constitutional Assembly back to Parliament.






Current membership