Patriots' Front

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Patriots' Front
Патріотичний фронт
LeaderValentina Goga
Deputy LeaderArtur Ovcharenko
Leader in the VojnaskulAntonina Prysyazhnyuk
Leader in the DumaSvyatoslav Kulyk
FoundersSava Tokar
Vasil Bodnar
Zynovij Ihnatenko
FoundedMarch 16, 1981 (1981-03-16)
(first form)
May 19, 1983 (1983-05-19) (current form)
Headquarters10–12 Lagodov Square, Samistopol, Soravia
Membership (2018)Increase 1,083,736
IdeologyNational conservatism
Soravian nationalism
Economic liberalism
Colors     Purple
Seats in the Vojnaskul
87 / 100
Seats in the Duma
413 / 500
Seats in local governments
2,168 / 2,792

The Patriots' Front (Soravian: Патріотичний фронт; Patriotychnyy front) is the ruling political coalition in the Soravian Republic. Founded in 1981 by Sava Tokar, Vasil Bodnar and Zynovij Ihnatenko during the Sostava War, the Patriots' Front initially consisted of eight parties that banded together to oppose Vilem Gardos' Soravian Nationalist Party. Over time, the coalition was refined into two main parties as well as several smaller parties.

The Patriots' Front has held constant power in Soravia since 1982, and has produced six presidents, the most recent being incumbent Valentina Goga, who also serves as the leader of the front. It holds 87 of the Vojnaskul's 100 seats, 413 of the Duma's 500 seats and over 2,000 seats in various local governments across the country.


Sostava War

1980s and 1990s

Czenko–Baynev era

Goga era

Election results


Election year Candidate Voting
No. of votes % of vote
1983 Vasil Bodnar 38,514,817 82.9%
1989 Ivan Lecsko 37,162,075 80.1%
1994 Ivan Lecsko 38,792,013 83.6%
1999 Samuel Czenko 35,373,882 76.2%
2004 Mergen Baynev 33,019,388 71.1%
2009 Mergen Baynev 33,562,261 72.3%
2010 Samuel Czenko 33,815,654 72.9%
2015 Samuel Czenko 33,760,914 72.7%
2020 Valentina Goga 32,997,515 71.1%



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