President of Soravia

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President of the Soravian Republic
Great Seal of Narozalica.png
Great Seal of Soravia
Elvira Nabiullina 2017.jpg
Valentina Goga
since 9 May 2020
StyleThe Honourable
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Soravia, 1861 (rev. 1983)
First holderEduard Olsov
Salary€271,000 per year

The president of Soravia, officially and formally known as the president of the Soravian Republic is the highest political office within the political framework of Soravia. The president is elected in an election held every five years, and is the head of state and head of government of Soravia.

The office was established officially in 1861 with the ratification of the Constitution of Soravia following the victory of the Seven Province Union in the First Soravian Civil War. The presidency was initially a term used for a non-monarchical or non-noble head-of-state, with the presidency exercising absolute authority with little electoral involvement. Eduard Olsov was the inaugural holder of the presidency, ruling for 43 years until his assassination. The presidency continued as a de facto dictatorship until the Second Soravian Civil War broke out in the 1980s, with the constitution being revised in 1983 to create the legislative Voynaskul and Federal Council within the Federal Assembly, all of which are elected, and introducing term limits on presidents. Despite these developments, the presidency of Soravia is often criticised for its totalitarianism and lack of democracy.

The president is accompanied by the prime minister of Soravia, who handles many governmental duties in place of the president and becomes interim president in the case of the incumbent president's resignation, disappearance or death. Presidential powers include actions from appointing judicial staff to delegating federal advisories to represent the provinces of Soravia in their personal cabinet.





List of presidents

President Term of office Affiliation Prime Ministers
1 Alexander I of Russia by Jean-Laurent Mosnier (1806, GIM).jpg Eduard Olsov
Едуард Олсов
13 July 1861

8 September 1904
Independent K. Taranenko
A. Hlushko
Y. Kucher
P. Petrovich
2 Modest Musorgskiy, 1870.jpg Pyotr Petrovich
Пыотр Петровицч
8 September 1904

19 January 1906
Independent I. Zayets
3 Photo by Bulla 1906 Goremykin2.jpg Maksym Ilchenko
Максым Илцченко
19 January 1906

4 March 1910
Independent A. Freček
4 Modest Musorgskiy, 1870.jpg Pyotr Petrovich
Пыотр Петровицч
4 March 1910

5 December 1913
Independent V. Pudovkin
A. Freček
5 Pyotr Stolypin LOC 07327.jpg Tadeusz Czyzewski
Тадеуш Чжевський
5 December 1913

19 January 1921
Independent D. Dorosh
V. Pudovkin
K. Cheban
6 Wladyslaw Sikorski 2.jpg Vladislav Pudovkin
Владислав Пудовкин
19 January 1921

3 October 1955
Soravian Nationalist Party I. Mykhajlyuk
S. Lytvyn
H. Yarosh
P. Klymenko
G. Tozulyak
M. Dudka
S. Storozhuk
V. Gardos
G. Tozulyak
7 Ludvík Svoboda (Author - Stanislav Tereba).JPG Gabriel Tozulyak
Габриел Тозулыак
3 October 1955

17 July 1971
Soravian Nationalist Party V. Gardos
F. Datsenko
V. Pavlov
8 Marian Spychalski.jpg Vilem Gardos
Вилем Гардос
17 July 1971

6 October 1982
Soravian Nationalist Party Himself
Introduction of term limits under 1983 constitution
9 Anatolijs Gorbunovs 2015-05-04.jpg Sava Tokar
Сава Токар
6 October 1982

19 April 1983
Patriots' Front P. Vovk
10 Menachem Begin, Andrews AFB, 1978.JPG Vasil Bodnar
Васил Боднар
19 April 1983

8 September 1989
Patriots' Front R. Solovjov
O. Tsymbal
K. Koval
L. Nikolenko
11 Leonid Kravchuk 2013-06-18.JPG Ivan Lecsko
Иван Лецско
8 September 1989

6 May 1999
Patriots' Front V. Hrebenyuk
A. Baranov
12 Tomislav Nikolić, official portrait.jpg Samuel Czenko
Самуел Цзенко
6 May 1999

11 May 2004
Patriots' Front L. Smajda
13 Alexey Navalny 2017.jpg Mergen Baynev
Мерген Баынев
11 May 2004

15 May 2010
Patriots' Front P. Holovko
D. Kotenko
14 Tomislav Nikolić, official portrait.jpg Samuel Czenko
Самуел Цзенко
15 May 2010

9 May 2020
Patriots' Front H. Cheban
M. Rybak
D. Dubrinsky
15 Elvira Nabiullina 2017.jpg Valentina Goga
Валентина Гога
9 May 2020
Patriots' Front A. Matviyenko