Piraean Genocide

Piraean Genocide
Part of the Postbellum Period and the Solarian War
The ruins of the village of Glossa after an Etrurian attack.
LocationTarpeia, Etrurian Revolutionary Republic
Kingdom of Piraea
TargetPiraean population
Attack type
Deportation, genocide, mass murder, starvation
Deathsc. 1 million
PerpetratorsEtrurian Revolutionary Republic (Revolutionary Legion of Etruria)
MotiveAnti-Piraean sentiment, Etrurianisation, Catholicisation

The Piraean Genocide, also known as the , was the systematic mass-murder of over one million ethnic Piraeans carried out by the Etrurian government from 1938 to 1946. Conventionally, the starting date of the genocide is considered to be 15 May 1938 following the Legionary Reaction and the reformation of the Second Etrurian Republic into the Etrurian Revolutionary Republic. While attempts to Etrurianify the region of Tarpeia were made by the government of the Second Republic, policies of ethnic cleansing and systematic mass-murder began under the Legionary government.