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Animalia is a personal project by TheReynard focused on creating a realistic, modern world populated by anthropomorphic animals, emphasizing the development of its unique history, culture, and the complex circumstances of its current events.

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His Majesty King Oscar I (Oscar Roger Williams; born 9 January 1954, age 70), of the Cavian Kingdom, is the incumbent monarch of Cavia. He is also head of state for Cricetinia, Choiroland, and Lanichia, as well as the Cavian Outlying Islands. King Oscar was born in Oscar City (coincidentally the city and him were named after Oscar the Founder from the year 922), to King Roger III and Duchess Lawrence of Northhills. He became a prominent public figure, encouraging the public to persevere through the 1971 Cavian economic crisis through various televised speeches. He became a prominent pacifist speaker during the Cricetinian War. At the age of 25 on 28 March 1980, he rose to the throne after the death of King Roger III. His 44-year reign is notable for his approachable demeanor and advocacy for the complete removal of the monarch's role from the Cavian government. (See more...)
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The Republic of the Cavian State, commonly called the Cavian State or Cavia, is a constitutional republic on the continent of North Magnia on the planet of Animalia. The majority of Cavians are comprised of guinea pigs, formally known as the Cavian people. The western Cavian coastline wraps around the Latian Sea, while the less-expansive eastern Cavian coastline borders the Amican Ocean. It is bordered by Lupen, Stalliand and Equifer to the west, Skylia, Ursilon, the Ursilian territory of Ailuria, and Rubria to the north, and Vulpion, as well as the two Cavian protectorates of Cricetinia and Lanichia to the southeast. Cavia covers about 3.02 million square kilometers and has an estimated population of almost 948 million people. Cavia is divided into 20 political subdivisions, called provinces, as well as three royal protectorates, dependent territories belonging to the Cavian crown. (See more...)