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The Grand Bandar is a historic site and museum within the spa town of Aubusson in the Val de Mareine. Historically, the Grand Bandar was a grandiose mountainside resort utilised by the elements of both aristocratic and industrial society.

Prior to the Great War the mountainside resort became a popular destination for holidaying amongst the upper ranks of the Parti Populaire, so much so that Rafael Duclerque - the Gaullican Premier at the time - acquired the building for himself. Made impractical and thoroughly bombed during the Great War, the building fell into disrepair and ruin.

Following a failed attempted rebuilding and reopening in a new architectural style, it was bought by the Gaullican state in the 1950s to serve as a museum of anti-functionalism as well as catalogue the foundation of the Gaullican Republic.

Internationally renowned for its reconstruction and change in architectural style, the Grand Bandar receives an average of 6.7 million tourists a year. Notable exhibits include a preserved room utilised by Duclerque and a room dedicated to the preserved speeches of Albert Montecardé.

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