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Kylaris is a self-contained modern tech roleplay region which strives to create outstanding stories and immersive roleplays through regional cooperation.

This month's article of recognition
Antargat (Bhumi: अन्तर्गत), also called the Inner Truth, is one of the sects of Satyism influenced by Yanogu thought and folklore. It was developed principally by the 17th Prior of the Amamkronsissi Monastery, Alim of the Stones. Alim revealed to his followers that there is a cycle of violence which traps all beings in our level of reality, escape and ascension comes from avoiding the two great evils: shame (लज्जा, lajja), which is what causes individuals to accept and seek out violence upon themselves; and pride (अभिमान, abhimana), which is what drives individuals to commit violence on others. (See more...)
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Ongoing: Tsabaran Crisis  • Mariranan Civil War

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February 24 to March 1
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