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Kylaris is a self-contained modern tech roleplay region which strives to create outstanding stories and immersive roleplays through regional cooperation.

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Vargmust or “Wolfwine” is a brand of Blostlandic carbonated beverage that was invented in 1908 by Rasmus Bjorkman as a patent medicine for a number of ailments, originally advertised as being brewed with fermented wolf liver, Vargmust has gone under a number of alterations since 1908 and has been brewed purely as a herbal soda ever since, with H&B Brewing Company forgoing all claims on the medical benefits of Vargmust in 1920.

Since 1919 the beverage has been considered the national soda of Blostland though there is no official recognition by the government, Vargmust has lost much of its popularity since its peak in the 70s however it is still widely consumed both inside and outside of Blostland. While now only a part of the H&B Brewing Company line of products the beverage is still a major part of the company and is not expected to be discontinued or altered. (See more...)

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