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The Premier of Rajyaghar (Matrabashi: Rajyaghār ke Pradhānamantrī) officially the Premier of the Central Union Government of Rajyaghar is the leader of the Central Union Government; the executive branch of the Government of Rajyaghar. The Premier is the chief adviser to the Monarch of Rajyaghar and the head of the Ashta Pradhan (Cabinet). Whilst the Monarch may appoint any citizen to serve as Premier, by convention the Premier is appointed from amongst the sitting members of the largest political party in the lower house of the Shahee Sansad, the House of Representatives.

The Premier is the most senior member of the Ashta Pradhan and serves as its Chairman. As such, the Premier alone may nominate members of the Ashta Pradhan and can request the dismissal of Ministers to the Monarch. The Premier is also entrusted with advising the Monarch on the exercise of Royal Decrees. The Ashta Pradhan is collectively and individually responsible to the Shahee Sansad and the Premier must retain the confidence of a majority in the Shahee Sansad. Failure to secure a majority in the Shahee Sansad when instructed by the Monarch shall result in the immediate dismissal of a Premier.

The Office of Premier comes with certain privileges including a security detail, paid expenses and residency at the State House. Former Premiers are also afforded a security detail for life, access to State Guest Houses. Former Premiers are also entitled to sit and observe debates of the Shahee Sansad from within its chamber, however, they cannot vote.

The incumbent Premier is Madhava Thakur who has served as PM since September 2010. Thakur first led a coalition government between his Rajyani Rashtriya Party and the Liberal Party. Thakur and the RRP were returned to power as a majority government in 2015 and again in 2020.

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