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Kylaris is a self-contained modern tech roleplay region which strives to create outstanding stories and immersive roleplays through regional cooperation.

This month's article of recognition
An evening view of a canalised tributary of the Buiganhingi as it flows through Naimhejia, the second biggest city in Dezevau

Urban planning in Dezevau is the planning and design of cities in Dezevau. It has a history that stretches back two thousand years or more, though modern urban planning only emerged after Dezevauni independence in 1941. It is a key academic, governmental and political concern, influenced strongly in the present day by the nature of local and federal power, and by the ideal of a democratic and socialist economy; its importance relates to the high level of urbanisation in Dezevau, which is about 70%. The most significant urban planning agencies are the district planning commissions, but like many other political processes in Dezevau, consultation with and input from both higher and lower governmental strata are crucial. (See more...)

In the news
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Ongoing: Tsabaran Civil War • Second Yemeti Civil War • 2023 Arucian Cup

This month in history
  • 29 February 1786 – After a request for restoration of the colonial saeimas and legislative autonomy was denied, Aucuria officially declares independence from the Rudolphine Confederation.
  • 12 February 1935 – Combat formally ceases on the Coian Front, ending the Great War.
  • 13 February 1939 – A military coup orchestrated by members of the right-wing National Party ends the Union of Satavia and marks the beginning of the National Dictatorship.
  • 19 February 1959 – The Novalian People's Liberation Front bomb the railroad between Vilanja and Drostar, causing a trail derailment that kills over 100 people.
  • 5 February 1985 – The Emergency Committe for National Unity launches a bloodless coup against the Premier Andrejs Miezis, ending his government's genocidal campaign in Burland.
  • 21 February 2019 – Rwizikuran King Izibongo Ngonidzashe dies after over fifty years on the throne, and is succeeded by his son Munashe Ngonidzashe.