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The Städ War (Geatish: Städkriget, lit. "the Anvil War") was a war fought in Geatland from AD 942 to 944. Fought primarily on the island of Gormö, it is the first non-legendary war fought on Geatish soil.

In 929, Gorm the Elder, a Geat, became king of Lågland. During this time, weaker Geatish and Gutish kingdoms and lands were being raided and pillaged by Ghaillish pirates and the Ghaillish raider kingdom on Gormö's north. Seeking to ward against the Ghaillish threat, Gorm orchestrated the unification of less powerful Geatish lords under him in 941. The Gutes, a distinct tribe, refused to unify with Gorm, sparking conflict.

Although skirmishes were present as early as 939, the war formally began in 942. The Gutes were led by Harald Halstensson, King of the Gutes, and were informally supported by Ghaillish pirates hoping to stop Geatish hegemony. The war was primarily fought on land between the hirds of each king, though there were skirmishes at sea. Gutish forces were initially victorious, but much of the army was decimated in the Battle of the Blue Cliffs, where Halstensson lost his life. The Gutish lords formally swore fealty to Gorm soon thereafter. The war had the effect of establishing the First Kingdom of Geatland and finally subjugating the Gutish tribes under the Geats. (See more...)

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