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Presidential Guard (Yisrael)

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Presidential Guard
משמר הנשיא
Yis Presidential Guard pic 2.jpg
Active1952 - present
Country Yisrael
AllegianceGovernment of Yisrael/Presidency of Yisrael
Part ofPresidency of Yisrael/Royal Yisraeli Defense Forces (emergency)
ColorsSoft Blue     
PresidentYitzchok Katz
Yaakov Sortev
Sgan Aluf
Dovid Cardenas
Rav Seren
Moti Citron

The Presidential Guard of Yisrael (Modern Hebrew: משמר הנשיא) is the protective security unit for the President of Yisrael, his family, the security of the Presidential Palace and other government properties of the Yisraeli head of government, as well as foreign dignitaries that visit to meet with the president. It is an independent royal agency under the direct purview of the Executive Office of the President, although it answers to the Knesset for annual funding and oversight.

While it is considered neither a part of the Royal Yisraeli Defense Forces nor the Yisraeli Police, making it paramilitary, it is traditionally considered a part of the Yisraeli security forces. It typically accepts members from the branches of the RYDF, the regular and various royal police forces, as well as the intelligence agencies.





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