Princess Mary Victoria, Duchess of Liscannor

Princess Mary Victoria
Born (2017-04-12) 12 April 2017 (age 3)
St. James' Hospital, Spálgleann, Caldia
Full name
Mary Victoria Ellen
FatherKenneth IV of Caldia
Prince Robert, Duke of Clane

Princess Mary Victoria, Duchess of Liscannor (Marry Victoria Ellen; born 12 April 2017) is the only child of Kenneth IV of Caldia and the Duke of Clane. She is first in line to succeed her father.


St Ellen's Palace announced on 7 July 2016 that the King and Prince-consort were expecting a child through a commercial surrogate. The Palace also confirmed that the surrogate was not the biological mother of the child and said that the Palace would be keeping the identity of the surrogate and egg donor anonymous. The surrogate surrogate was selected by the Royal Couple with the assistance of the Royal Physician, Dr. Saorise NicDonald. In August, the Palace confirmed the child was expected in April 2017.

On 12 April 2017, at 2:37 Euclean Standard Time, the surrogate gave birth to a girl at St. James' Hospital in Spálgleann. The identity of the surrogate remains anonymous. The Royal Physician and several other physicians employed by the Royal Household were present for the delivery. Ten hours after her birth, the baby was shown to the public for the first time outside the hospital with her parents.

While she is not the first child born to a homosexual monarch, she is the first royal baby ever born through commercial surrogacy. Previously, homosexual monarchs in Caldia took up concubines in order to produce an issue. This was standard practice among same-sex male couples in the country before the introduction of Sotirianity and continued into the twentieth century.

Soon after her birth, the Palace confirmed she would be officially referred to as Mary Victoria. She is named after the King's great-grandmother and the Duke's paternal grandmother, Mary IV and Mary Sorley respectively, the Duke's maternal grandmother, Victoria Ni'Dowd and the King's grandmother, Ellen II.

Celebrations took place across the country. Liberty Towers were lit purple and over four-thousand people attended the official unveiling of the princess' name at Spálgleann City Hall. In accordance with royal tradition, her name was officially unveiled on the balcony overlooking the plaza.

She was made Duchess of Liscannor on the day of her birth, making her de facto first in line for the throne. Initially the title of Princess of Ghailles, which is granted to the heir designate by the monarch, was still in the possession of her aunt, Princess Emily. Kenneth IV revoked the title from Princess Emily on 19 April and officially made Mary Victora his heir designate. Her investiture as Princess of Ghailles will take place in 2033 following her sixteenth birthday.

Her baptism took place on 21 May 2017 as part of the millennium celebrations marking the thousandth year anniversary of the Kingdom of Caldia as a nation. Her godparents are the Earl of Barraerach, Máiréad Ní Chuaig, President Jean Vallette of Gaullica, and Some royal lady .

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

As the child of a monarch, she is a Princess of Caldia and entitled to the style of Royal Highness. She was also made the Duchess of Liscannor, the ducal title held by the eldest child of the monarch, by her father.

  • 12 April 2017 – present: Her Royal Highness Princess of Caldia
  • 12 April 2017 – present: Her Grace The Duchess of Liscannor



  • Caldia: Member Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of the Thistle
  • Caldia: Member Commander Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of the Glistening Star