House of MacIconnich-Sartoux

House of MacIconnich-Sartoux
House of MacI-Xan Arms.png
Country Glytter
FounderElton II
Current headKenneth IV
The MacIconnich dress tartan is the official tartan of the Royal House.

The House of MacIconnich-Sartoux​ (Ghaillish: Teach na Mac Connach agus Sartoux) is the royal house of Caldia. It was established as the result of the marriage between Ellen II of Caldia and Philippe of Sartoux when the Queen chose to circumvent precedent and include his title in the house name. Sartoux was chosen instead of Philippe's own royal house, Monetcardé, due to the controversy surrounding many members of the family after the Great War. The house is a cadet branch of the House of MacIconnich. The first monarch of the House of MacIconnich-Sartoux was Elton II, who ascended to the Caldish throne in February 2002.

The most prominent member of the House of MacIconnich-Sartoux​ is its head, King Kenneth IV, who is the reigning monarch of Caldia. Other prominent members include the Duchess of Clyte and the Duchess of Invertwinc.


List of monarchs

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Elton II
6 February 2002

5 August 2010
Albert II.jpg 19 February 1932

(age 84)
Kenneth IV
5 August 2010

KennethIV.jpeg 11 October 1991 Prince Robert, Duke of Clane
24 October 2015
(age 26)


Descendants of Ellen II