Kenneth IV

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Kenneth IV
King of Caldia
Reign5 August 2010 - present
Coronation5 August 2010
PredecessorElton II
Heir designateMary Victoria
Born (1991-10-11) 11 October 1991 (age 31)
St. James' Hospital, Spálgleann, Caldia
SpouseRobert Sorley
IssueMary Victoria
Full name
Kevin Thomas James Philippe
Regnal name
Kenneth IV
MotherGrace FitzWarren
ReligionChurch of Caldia

Kenneth IV (Ghaillish: Caoimhín Tomás Séamus Pilib Mac Connach ⁊ Sartoux; born 11 October 1991) is the King of Caldia.

Known as Kevin until his ascension, Kenneth IV was born in Spálgleann and is the oldest child of Prince William and Grace FitzWarren. He was born during the reign of his grandmother Ellen II and was unexpectedly named Prince of Ghailles by his uncle Elton II in 2008 following his sixteenth birthday. He ascended to the throne following his uncle's abdication on 5 August 2010. Upon his ascension, he assumed the regnal name "Kenneth IV". In his capacity as monarch, he also serves the Supreme Governor of the Church of Caldia.

He went to public primary and secondary schools, served in the Royal Caldish Navy, and studied history and international relations at the University of Spálgleann. In 2015, he married Robert Sorley and the Royal Couple had their first child through surrogacy in April of 2017. He is currently the only openly LGBT+ head of state and the first openly homosexual monarch in modern times.

Kenneth is primary interested in history and has studied Glytteronian and Euclean history extensively. In 2014, it was rumored he was going to pursue a PhD in history at the University of Spálgleann. However, a statement released by the King's Press Secretary said that the King would "remain focused on his duties" and confirmed that he was not pursing a PhD. He has been a vocal advocate of human rights and has worked closely with the International White Cross throughout his reign. At 28, he is the youngest Euclean monarch and second youngest in the world after Kaila'au of the Celestial Isles.

Early Life and education

Kenneth photographed at age seven in 1999.

Kevin Thomas James Philippe (Ghaillish: Caoimhín Tomaisin Séamus Caelvíhn) was born on 11 October 1991 in the University Hospital in Spálgleann. He is the first child of Prince William and Judith Seyton and is the elder brother of Princess Emily and Princess Lauren. He is the fifth grandchild of Ellen of Glytter and Philippe of Sartoux and was born into the House of MacIconnich-Sartoux​.

He resided in Barraerach House with his parents and siblings until he ascended to the Caldish throne. Upon his birth, he was a Viscount of the Crown and was only expected to inherit his father's title as the Count of Barraerach. Kevin was baptized a member of the Church of Caldia on 12 December 1991 at the palace church at St Ellen's Palace. His godparents are Philippe of Sartoux, the Prince Elton, Princess Margaret, and Mary FitzWarren.

He developed a close relationship with his sisters from a young age and lived with his family at Barraearch House from his birth until his appointment as Prince of Ghailles in 2008. For much of his youth, he lived a quiet life and took part in several official royal engagements with his parents and grandparents.

Kevin attended Glenfarne Primary School in Glenfarne, County Aerach from 1996 to 2002. He went to three different secondary schools: the Glenfarne Secondary School in Glenfarne from 2002 to 2004, the Elton II Secondary School in Spálgleann from 2004-2006, and the International Vehemens College in Verlois, Gaullica from 2006-2007, where he received his International Baccalaureate.

After completing secondary schooling, he enlisted in the Royal Caldish Navy where he would perform military service from August 2007 until August 2009. He received his training at the Royal Caldish Naval College and the frigates HMS Invertwinc and HMS Scariff, where he was an ensign. After finishing his service, he remained enlisted as a reservist and, despite his current status as monarch, is still a reservist with the navy.

Following his military service, he studied international politics, diplomacy, economics, and history at the University of Spálgleann until his graduation in 2013, three years after his ascension to throne. He received a MA degree in History and International Relations. His final thesis was on Caldish integration into the Euclean Community.

He speaks Estmerish, Gaullican and Weranian in addition to his native Ghaillish.


Kenneth and his sisters, Emily and Lauren, at his investiture as Prince of Ghailles in 2008.

Kevin was named the Prince of Ghailles in 2008 by his uncle, King Elton II. Elton II lacked a direct issue of his own, instead opting to adopt two children from Petite-Corne. It was worried by many within political and royal circles that a succession crisis would arise as Elton had not named a successor. De facto Princess Margaret was the heir presumptive. In 2007, a statement released on behalf of Elton II confirmed the would name one of his nephews or nieces as his heir apparent "within the year". He chose Kevin, the eldest son of his youngest brother, because "a young face is needed for this new century. After our second Ellenian Age one thing is clear, it is time for another golden era". Elton II exercised his rights according to the tanistry system and named Kevin as his heir. Following Kevin's sixteenth birthday in October 2007, an investiture ceremony was held on 1 February 2008 at St Ellen's Palace. With his investiture, he became a member of the Council of State.

On 11 January 2010, King Elton II announced that he planned to abdicate in favor of the Prince of Ghailles in a televised speech. He thanked the Glytteronian people for allowing him to serve as their king and pledged to offer his full support to his nephew. The programme for abdication and the subsequent coronation took place on 5 August 2010. The King signed the Instrument of Abdication at St Ellen's Palace at 10:00 AM Euclean Standard. The Royal Family then traveled to St Cuchulain's Cathedral for the coronation, which began at 2:30 PM. In conjunction with a joint session of the Royal Congress, Kevin was crowned King of Glytter and he assumed the regnal name Kenneth IV.

Soon after his accession to the throne, Kenneth named his eldest sister Emily as his heir apparent on the advice of the Council of State. She was granted the Princedom of Ghailles and was herself admitted to the Council in July of 2013. Emily moved into St Ellen's Palace in early 2011 and began to play a significant supporting role of her older brother. The Princess has undertaken many royal duties on behalf of the king since his accession.

The King and Princess Lauren during their 2012 state visit to Werania.

Taoiseach Alexis Walker maintained a close working relationship with the king and the two enjoyed friendly ties. Walker server as a mentor for Kenneth during the early years of his reign and helped ensure a seamless transition. Kenneth has undertaken a series of state visits abroad since 2010. Among the most prominent were a state visit to Estmere, the Werania, and Valentir. He was greeted by large crowds, drawing significant media attention. In 2016 he went on three state visits: one to Hennehouwe in February and Fars in April, while a third to Gaullica in December.

On 24 October 2015, Kenneth married Louis MacTomlin at St Cuchulain's Cathedral. Kenneth first met MacTomlin at the season finale of the 2010 season of the Yes Factor, a Glytteronian music competition show. MacTomlin won the 2010 competition with his band, No Direction. The Royal Couple told GBF News that the two kept in contact after and met several times at concerts. The King and MacTomlin began an informal relationship in early 2012 and formally began dating later that year. Their courtship was kept out of the public eye until late 2013 when the couple was first spotted together in public. The engagement was announced the following year on 1 November 2014.

The Royal Couple announced they were expecting a child through surrogacy on 7 July 2016. Their daughter, Mary Victoria, was born on 12 April of 2017 and is expected to be named heir by Kenneth, who has the ability to transfer the role easily under Glytteronian succession laws. The couple announced they were expecting a second child on 15 October 2018. The child will be born through surrogacy have no confirmed. The Royal Household has not yet revealed the gender of the expected child.

Following the political crisis triggered by the corruption scandal that surrounded Taoiseach Frank Casarnach, Kenneth intervened and removed him as head of government. The move came after the taoiseach had refused to resign and was delaying the dissolution of the Comhthionól Náisiúnta. Casarnach was protected by the immunity from criminal prosecution that came with his position. The Independent Review Board announced it had charges to press against Casarnach but were unable to due to the protections awarded to the taoiseach. After the 2019 snap election, Kenneth invited Stiofán Mac Suibhne to form a government after his party secured a majority.

Personal Interests

Kenneth is well known for his interest in Glytteronian and Euclean history. He has a MA degree in History and is the patron of Historic Glytter, the trust which preserves historical sites throughout the country, the Royal Museum of History, and the Glytteroian Society of Historians. While there were rumours he would pursue a PhD in history, Kenneth denied that he was pursuing such a degree.

He has made human rights one of his top priorities, and works closely with the International White Cross in order to provide relief services around the world. In his 2016 Nativity Day address, Kenneth praised the work of diplomats and relief groups who act as peacemakers.

The King has also expressed his interest the preservation and operation of heritage railways, which he frequently visits. Kenneth is the patron of the Glytteronian Rail Museum in Spálgleann.

He is also a fan of the Ghaillish boy-band No Direction, of which he first met at the season finale of the 2010 season of the Yes Factor. Kenneth has since attended several concerts and is married to one of the group's members, Louis MacTomlin.

His love of East Highland Terriers is also well known, and he and owns six, all of which live with him in St Ellen's Palace and famously make trips with him across the country. All of his Easties, as the breed is affectionately known, are named after prominent Glytteronain historical figures. The two widely known of the King's dogs are, Ellie and Ror, who make frequent appearances on the Palace's social media accounts.

Public perception and character

Kenneth speaking in Invertwinc during a celebration of Imbolc.

Kenneth is often praised in the Glytteronian press for his humble approach to the throne. It is not uncommon for him to dress in plain clothes and walk the streets of the capital. He is sometimes called the "Millennial Monarch" due to his young age and his status as a member of the millennial generation. His approval ratings typically average around 92%, with approval for the monarchy itself at 89% - the highest both ratings have been since the reign of his grandmother, Ellen II.

He is also known for reportedly donating one fourth of his personal income to the International White Cross and White Crescent. Together with his husband, he often helps with fundraising efforts for various charities. Kenneth is currently the patron of over one hundred charities and holds benefits for each charity yearly with help from his sisters and other prominent members of the royal family.


Kenneth is openly homosexual and has been since a young age. While this is widely accepted in Glytter, it has caused some controversy abroad. He is often criticised by the more social conservative factions in Werania and Vredlandia. This was also reflected with the national delegations to the wedding of Kenneth and MacTomlin, as both countries sent minor members of their royal families as opposed to senior royals. Salamic nations such as Muradi Badawiya have also notably snubbed events hosted by Kenneth. Likewise, terror group Al-Haras has threatened the King because he is a homosexual.

Despite this, he remains popular throughout the Euclean Community and Eastern world. Recently, opinions of him has changed in Fars, where Premier Charles Tayebnia Hammond has implemented a series of liberal social reforms and the stigma surrounding homosexuality has begun to change.

Privacy and the press

Public interest in the relationship between Kenneth and MacTomlin peaked in 2015, and the privacy the couple once enjoyed has often been compromised. The first occasion of such an incident occurred in late 2014. While the two were vacationing in Gaullica and paparazzo took pictures of the two skinny dipping in the pool at their coastal villa. A second incident occurred while the two were in the Gaullican coastal resort of Monaque when the paparazzo managed to photograph them skinny dipping on a charted yacht. Pictures of MacTomlin in the nude were posted online, while pictures of the King were suppressed by the Gaullican authorities. A lawyer for Louis MacTomlin confirmed that he would be pursing charges against those who took the pictures.

The incident caused a scandal in Glytter regarding the security of the King and the Royal Family. It was reveled the paparazzo managed to sneak past the securities measures of His Majesty's Royal Guard. In Glytter, outrage ensued over both the failure of security and violation of the King's privacy while abroad there was controversy over Kenneth and MacTomlin's decision to skinny dip. The Director of the Royal Guard resigned over the scandal. Since then, the Royal Guard has increased security measures to ensure the privacy and safety of Royal Family in both Glytter and abroad.

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Royal Monogram

Titles and styles

  • 11 October 1991 – 1 February 2008: Viscount Kevin of Barraerach
  • 1 February 2008 – 5 August 2010: His Royal Highness The Prince of Ghailles
  • 5 August 2010 – present: His Majesty The King of Caldia
  • 5 August 2010 – present: His Grace The Duke of Areach
  • 5 August 2010 – present: His Grace The Count of Caithia
  • 5 August 2010 – present: His Eminence The Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church

Regnal name

In order to uphold royal naming conventions, Kevin chose Kenneth IV as his regnal name. Kevin is the Estmercised version of Caoimhín, derived from the older Ghaillish Cóemgein, composed of the Old Ghaillish elements cóem "kind, gentle, handsome" and gein "birth". The Ghaillish version of Kenneth, Coinneach is dervived from the Ghaillish caoin "handsome". Due to their similar meanings, upon his accession he adopted Kenneth IV as his regnal name. He was preceded by three other monarchs by the same name: Coinneach I, Coinneach II, and Kenneth III. While he is only the second monarch to use the Esmterish version of the name, he is still considered the fourth monarch to do so under Glytteronian royal naming conventions. This is due to the fact that all regnal names before Ellen I were taken in the native Ghaillish, while after her reign they were taken in Estmerish. Kenneth IV said he felt a special connection to the name, as Coinenach I was not only the founder of the MacIconnich dynasty, but he was also a homosexual.


Since his ascension to the throne, Kenneth has used the familiar arms of the House of MacIconnich-Sartoux, continuing the practice started by his uncle. While the state coat of arms are still associated with the monarch, they are not the personal arms of the king. The arms of the Duchy of Aerach are also associated with Kenneth. As Prince of Ghailles, the arms of the Princedom was associated with him as were the arms of the Duchy of Snarksburgh. Before he was named as the heir apparent, a modified arms of his father's arms were used by Kenneth and his sisters.

House of MacI-Xan Arms.png
Arms of Kenneth IV used since his accession to the throne.
Arms of the Duchy of Aerach.png
Arms of Kenneth as Duke of Aerach.
Arms of Kevin as Prince of Ghailles from 2008 to 2010.
Arms of Duchy of Snarksburgh.png
Arms of Kevin as Duke of Liscannor from 2008 to 2010.
Arms of Kevin of Barraerach.png
Arms of Kevin from his birth until 2008.


National honours

  • Caldia: Sovereign Knight Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of the Thistle
  • Caldia: Sovereign Commander Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of the Glistening Star
  • Caldia: Sovereign Commander Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of Saint Ellen
  • Caldia: Sovereign Commander Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of the Stag
  • Caldia: Sovereign Commander Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of Noble Public Servants
  • Caldia: Sovereign Commander Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of Military Valor and Honour
  • Caldia: Sovereign Commander Grand Cross with Collar of the Royal Order of Notable Excellence

Foreign honours