Princess Sibylla, Duchess of Birkara

Princess Sibylla
Duchess of Birkara
Sibylla of Sydalon.jpg
Born (1975-04-19) 19 April 1975 (age 45)
Palis du Aultaville, Ostracine, Sydalon
  • Violant Claudia de Aultavilla
  • Princess Elissa of Dakmoor
  • Prince Gabriel of Dakmoor
  • Princess Bastila of Dakmoor
  • Prince Baelon of Dakmoor
  • Prince Damon of Dakmoor
  • Princess Jocelyn of Dakmoor
  • Princess Melara of Dakmoor
  • Prince James of Dakmoor
  • Prince Gerold of Dakmoor
  • Princess Gemma of Dakmoor
  • Prince Louis of Dakmoor
Full name
Sibylla Elissa Berenice Belandra Violant
HouseAultavilla (official)
Villeine (agnatic)
FatherJordan IX of Sydalon
MotherMelisende of Philipopolis
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Princess Sibylla, Duchess of Birkara (Sibylla Elissa Berenice Belandra Violant; b. 19 April 1975) is a Sydalene princess, and Duchess of Birkara by virtue of her marriage to Baldakar, Duke of Birkara. She is the fifth child of King Jordan IX of Sydalon and Melisende of Philipopolis, and fourteenth in the line of succession to the Sydalene throne.

Sibylla gained notoriety in her youth after the birth of her illegitimate daughter by Latin Emperor Jason VI Augustus, in 1993. Due to this, Sibylla and her daughter, Violant were banned from royal court in Ostracine until the ascension of her father in August 1998.

Early life

Personal life

Titles, styles, honors and arms

  • 19 April 1975 – 20 October 1998: Her Royal Highness The Princess Sibylla
  • 20 October 1998 – present: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Birkara


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Princess Sibylla, Duchess of Birkara
Cadet branch of the House of Hauteville
Born: 19 April 1975
Lines of succession
Preceded by
Princess Belandra of Rema
Succession to the Sydalene throne
21st in line
Followed by
Princess Elissa of Dakmoor