Administrative divisions of Lemovicia

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The administrative divisions of Lemovicia have roots, both in traditional governance of the area, Lemovician laws, and in the Alikianos Accords, which ended the Lemovician Civil War in 1992.


Since the Alikianos Accords and the promulgation of the current Lemovician constitution, the country is divided into two constituent entities (Lemovician: ентітатє осацаілеа, entitate osatzailea, pl. ентітатє осаґаріяк, entitate osagarriak, Miersan: podmiot składowa, pl. podmioty składowe).

As per the 1992 constitution, the two constituent entities have powers over education, cultural affairs, policing, social policies (excluding marriage and divorce, which is under the remit of the federal government), and direct taxation in a given entity.

Map Entity Capital Population (2017)
LemovEntFlag.png Lemovician Entity Zubiharra 859,813
MiersEntity.png Miersan Entity Włocłamyśl 1,642,764


Lemovicia was traditionally divided into seven provinces (Lemovician: пробінція, probintzia, pl. пробінціяк, probintziak, Miersan: województwo, pl. województwa), covering the entire country. The provinces date back to the original Kingdom of Lemovicia, and were reinstated following Lemovicia's independence from Narozalica in 1979.

However, since the Alikianos Accords and the promulgation of the current Lemovician constitution, one of the original seven provinces, Bidegurutzean, being divided in two as a result of the Treaty, based on the frontline at the time.

As per the 1992 constitution, provinces have jurisdiction over the creation and dissolution of municipalities, land management, policing, direct taxation within the province, and any matters delegated by the entities per their legislation.

Map Entity Province Capital Population (2017)
MiersEntity.png Miersan Entity Czarnoziem Domwiej 214,977
Równiny Sechia 834,192
Zbieg Loiola 382,543
Zelaia Włocłamyśl 211,052
LemovEntFlag.png Lemovician Entity Egunsentian Bailara 101,255
Ibaiak Goikoetxea 66,156
Ilunabarra Zubiharra 279,843
Bidegurutzean Topagunea 412,559


Municipalities of Lemovicia, 2020

Below the provinces are the municipalities (Lemovician: удалері, udalerri, Miersan: gminy). As of 2020, there are 1,082 municipalities in Lemovicia, with an average median population on the national level of 2,313 people per municipality.

Per the 1992 constitution, municipalities have any responsibilities delegated to them by the provincial government.

Province Municipalities Median pop.
Czarnoziem 86 2,500
Egunsentian 46 2,201
Ibaiak 105 630
Ilunabarra 187 1,497
Równiny 219 3,809
South Bidegurutzean 142 1,001
Zbieg 111 3,446
Zelaia 186 1,135