Public holidays in Zamastan

Holidays most commonly celebrated

Date Holiday Symbolism
December 25 (Fixed) Christmas Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth.
March 22 – April 25 (Floating Sunday) Easter Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.
September 22 Constitution Day Marks the date of nationwide elections every two years, where citizens of Zamastan cast ballots for the President, Senators, State Representatives, and local politicians. Celebrates the date of the publication of the Constitution of Zamastan.
October 28 Independence Day Celebrates the anniversary that the Free State of Zamah St'an was established in 1804 with Tomias Hapson as the de-facto President, Avi Taures as the Chief of Trade and Commerce, and an abolitionist named Henry Tiller as the General of Armed Forces. Often marked by massive fireworks displays and parades.

Holidays with religious, cultural or historical significance

Date Holiday Symbolism
January 12th Tofino Day Remembrance of the deadly Tofino Earthquake of 1919, which killed over 50,000 people in the deadliest natural disaster in Zamastan history. It also celebrates the government of Zamastan, as it is headquartered in Tofino.
May 17 La'palo Day Recognizes the end of the Parabocan War.
September 29 Gaviria Day Marking the date of the assassination of the famed President of Zamastan in 1972