Pulse (film)

Pulse theatrical poster.png
Theatrical poster
Directed byLuka Lebedev
Produced byVictor Yakovlev
Erik Tokmakov
Written byTsezar Vitvinin
Timofey Myshelov
Luka Lebedev
Based onOrbitas-A17J mission
March 14, 1964
StarringAlyosha Tataurov
Valentin Kozlovsky
Music byRoman Jeśko
CinematographyAleksander Markowski
Edited byVyatcheslav Tupitsyn
Release date
October 18, 2021
(Montecara LXXXII)
Running time
112 minutes
Budget€48 million

Pulse (Soravian: Пульс; Pul's) is a 2021 Soravian space docudrama film directed by Luka Lebedev and starring Soravian actors Alyosha Tataurov and Valentin Kozlovsky. The film retells the events of the Orbitas-A17J mission, where Soravian cosmonaut Sergei Statnik became the first human to perform a successful EVA (or "spacewalk") on March 14, 1964.