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Ramadhan Family

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Ramadhan Family

Indonesian nameKeluarga Ramadhan
Chinese name天使組 (Tiānshǐzǔ)
Korean name천사씨족 (Cheonsa Ssijog)
AbbreviationTSZ, Ramadhan
Founded31 August, 2042 (current form)
Preceded by
HeadquartersPearl Palace, Mutiara
  • Exalted One (圣上 shèngshàng)
  • Palace(wo)man (殿下 diànxià)
  • Lord (大人 dàrén)
  • Pearl Palace (official seat)
  • Ivory Manor (private residence)
  • Clarity Island (harem)
Political positionCentre
ReligionSunni Islam
International affiliationCaliphate of Earth
Multiversal AffiliationAssembly of Angels
Colours     Black      White
Slogan"The voice of the heart is the voice of God."
ThemeMIB - Dash
Imperial Council
30 / 150

‡the person or organization is no longer part of this group

The Ramadhan Family (Chinese: 天使組 Tiānshǐzǔ, Indonesian: Keluarga Ramadhan), affectionately nicknamed the "Kung Fu Accountants" (Indonesian: Akuntan Kung Fu) is the ruling Noble Family of the Empire of Amenria. The Ramadhan is responsible for the empire's banking and financial services and is the most efficient Family at collecting taxes, sometimes being outsourced by other Families to collect their taxes for a fee.


The Ramadhan Family is a Family of business, commerce, efficiency, and creativity. The Family is the monetary authority which also runs the empire's biggest commercial banks - a task it took upon itself to fulfill with the noblest intentions. After all, Ramadhan Family men and women are government officials first and foremost and every cicis earned is earned with the people's best interests in mind, much more so than their own. In practice, this principle is most obvious when one simply looks at Calico Finance, a credit-lending agency with zero interest rates whose aim is to help micro and small enterprises, although critics think this is simply so the Family earns even more money from taxes.

The Family's White flavour can be seen in its strong sense of community, with members being known to share their wealth with friends and family, and tradition, as the organization itself values Confucian ideals of benevolence, righteousness, ritual, knowledge, and integrity.

On a less optimistic note, the Family's Black flavour is shown as it's pursuit of ambition and seemingly relentless drive to punish those it deems to abuse money, including frauds, unethical corporations, and even global organizations such as the New World Order, creating Robin Hood specifically to fight a covert war against them. The darker side of the Family's duties is why members are taught proper meditation techniques and encouraged to practice them regularly - if they're not careful, they could lose sight of their original goal and fall off this slippery slope to a darker path, as Robin Hood's history have shown. Necromancy, however, is considered below them, as they view it as "disrespecting the sanctity of life and death".


The first seeds of the ideas that would once become the Ramadhan Family came to the mind of its founder and current Patriarch, Tianshi, following a dispute between his mother and the main branch of the royal family he was a member of in 2019. Thinking they have become decadent and forgot the true spirit of monarchism, he sought to start his own royal family that would stick to the noble principles he was taught as a child. This was also when Tiāndào was first developed.

Members of the Ramadhan Family were mobilized during the Thai Civil War. This action did not break Amenria's non-interference policy as they were not affiliated with the Imperial Amenrian Armed Forces in any way - they were Tianshi's personal men. Offering allegiance in exchange, the winning side of the Chakri dynasty became a subsidiary of the Ramadhan Family and Thailand was included in Amenria.


Admission and Membership

The Family accepts members of both genders and all sentient species, despite 60% of its members being female and most of its members being either human or vampire. The admission process is not unlike a job interview, where candidates apply either online or at the numerous offices scattered across the empire, then continue to be interviewed, should an initial assessment of their qualifications seem promising to recruiters. After candidates pass their interviews, they would be assigned an office and thus territory for them to work in.

Between being accepted for employment and starting one's first day, candidates are gathered and briefed by the branch managers of their respective branches and subsidiaries, or, in the case of palace staff, by Helena. Family pins and handbooks containing employment guidelines are given at this time.


Tianshi is the founder and current Patriarch of the Ramadhan Family. While this means he has absolute authority over the Family and its operations, in practice he gives a decent amount of autonomy to his Advisors and


Clothing and accessories

Ramadhan Family members are often seen wearing business attire, such as black suits, with matching trousers and shoes for both genders. Some members also wear modernized traditional clothing bearing the Family colours, such as qipao for the women and changshan for the men. Members sometimes wear batik. A pin bearing the Family symbol is worn on the lapel or the collar. As members are permitted to dye their hair, members of both genders can be seen with blonde or brown hair. Glasses is a common accessory.


The Ramadhan Family use sedans, limousines, and armed SUVs. Along with the Huang-Ahn Cooperative and the National Defence Conglomerate, the Ramadhan is one of the few Noble Families to use aircraft.


The few Ramadhan Family members who fight armed use fist weapons as their weapon of choice, with knives and one-handed swords being popular alternate options. Ranged weapons are even less common, although members are known to use throwing knives and pistols, both kinetic and energy. During the Thai Civil War, Ramadhan Family men were equipped with military-grade assault rifles.

Powers and Abilities

Fighting style

"Strike first, strike fast, strike hard."

- Ramadhan Family saying

The Ramadhan Family emphasizes speed and agility over power or defence. This is why, despite it's nickname, Ramadhan Family members are trained in Jeet Kune Do instead of the more "orthodox" Kung Fu, in spirit of the Tiāndào principle of reconciliation of tradition with modernization. That being said, the Family only teaches it's members on how to achieve optimal physical condition for the style and basic techniques. Members are free to develop their own style which suits their body types, preferences, and conditions.


Seekers are the Family's Aces, specialized in tracking people. Trained in parkour, these men and women are experts in traversing urban territory. They are trained and equipped to fight combatants wielding small arms fire unarmed, making them ideal counters to bodyguards hired by gangs.


  • The Family is generally ambivalent towards country music, and known members haven't expressed strong opinions on the genre one way or another.