Robyrt Krynnur

Robyrt Krynnur
Born(1994-02-18)18 February 1994
Died2 November 2014(2014-11-02) (aged 19)
Cause of deathHang gliding accident
ResidenceCa' Giarelli, Porte Viro, Sante Reze
CitizenshipAllamunnic States
EmployerAzende Generale Viro
Known forCommon marriage to Duxe Giarelli
Home townKristofsburg, Allamunnic States
Spouse(s)Duxe Illeana Giarelli

Personal Life

Robyrt's family were wealthy commons from the Allamunnic States. His uncle was the ambassador to Sante Reze at the time of the Christmas Massacre. While offering a supportive ear and growing close with Duxe Illeana Giarelli following the incident, Robyrt came up in conversation. This led to Illeana requesting he be flown in to visit.

Over the course of the visit, Robyrt's interest in Illeana became clear and eventually Illeana asked him to remain in Sante Reze and marry her. Robyrt's uncle of a proponent of the idea and helped to convince his family to let it happen.

The marriage did not produce any children, and Robyrt died November 2014 during a hang gliding accident in Porte Tolle, an island in northern Sante Reze. Not long after, rumors regarding his murder surfaced and there was some evidence of tampering with the glider, which had mostly survived the impact with the ground. Illeana was accused of murder, but no convincing evidence was brought forward. Additionally, following his funeral at the Giarelli estate, Robyrt's family publicly request no further inquests out of respect. Illeana stayed official in mourning for almost two years.

Early Life

Born to a wealthy family, Robyrt's mother was a mid-level executive for BANK Bank and his father was a highly successful real estate agent[citation needed].


Robyrt and his siblings attended an elite private school in Onneria.

References and Notes

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