Sōko Sōma

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Sōko Sōma
Noriko Sōma

(1970-05-29) 29 May 1970 (age 53)
OccupationPornographic actress and producer
Net worthIncrease Ŧ25 million (2020)

Noriko Sōma (Miranian: 典子 相馬; born 29 May 1970), known by the stage name Sōko Sōma (Miranian: 倉庫 相馬), is a Gylian pornographic actress and producer. She is known for her work in "business burlesque" pornography.

Early life

Noriko Sōma was born on 29 May 1970 in Déylaŋi. She comes from a Miranian family of mixed KirisakiAkashi origin.

She studied economics at the Regional University of Eyþer, graduating in 1992.


She began acting while in university, and chose the stage name "Sōko Sōma". She gradually came to focus on pornographic films.

Sōko gained her breakthrough in "business burlesque" pornography. She created a character for herself that combined the traits of a cute, gentle big sister type with a parody of a foreign stock market speculator. She is depicted as insatiably energetic, having an extreme alcohol tolerance, and incredible libido, having sex constantly and exhausting her partners.

She became successful and rich in the 1990s, and has remained a popular pornographic star since.

The only time she deviated from her standard character arc was appearing in a Shopping for Girls film in 1999. She was shown having highly competitive sex with, but ultimately being exhausted by, Frauke Stark. Sōko described the result as a tribute to her idol and mentor, joking that "the only person on the planet who could make Sōko Sōma her bitch is Frauke Stark!".

Other activities

Sōko's trademark switches between a sweet and wholesome demeanour and an alcohol-fueled, crude nymphomaniac inspired the lyrics of Core's "Last Night on Earth" (1997). She returned the favour by appearing in the song's music video.

She was interviewed for Rasa Ḑeşéy's 2013 documentary Happy Orgasms.

Private life

Sōko is married and describes herself as childfree. She is mainly a practitioner of Kisekidō and Sofianism.