List of Gylians by net worth

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This is a list of Gylians by net worth. There is no single source that assesses wealth in Gylias. However, all Gylians' tax returns are available for anyone to inspect, through the National Tax Agency. Donations are similarly transparent. It is thus possible for media outlets to inspect the tax returns of high-profile figures and estimate their annual wealth and assets.

The majority of rich Gylians participate in the Social Partnership Program, and are engaged in extensive philanthropic and charitable donations. SPP membership thus serves as an alternate way to identify wealth.


No. Name Net worth (Ŧ) Source(s) of wealth
1 Agathe Sanna 50 billion Investments (Agsa)
2 Kanna Miyashita 45 billion Clean technology and green jobs (Miyashita Industries), other
3 Saira Telyn 40 billion Producer (Dreamwave Productions)
4 Marie-Agnès Delaunay 30 billion Media proprietor (Magdel Group), producer, merchandising
5 Raşa Umia 25 billion Investments, currencies exchange
6 Kaho Kawase 20 billion Restauranteur
7 Kaede Nakano 15 billion Clothesmaker
8 Frauke Stark 12 billion Pornography, producer, merchandising
9 Selma Lund 10 billion Sex shop, sex toys
10 Sónia Moura 10 billion Clothesmaker, jeweler
11 Catherine Baudelaire 8 billion Media proprietor (Radix, Polaris)
12 Iris Enţyvel 5 billion Hotelier (Isel)
13 Jeanette Moitessier 1 billion Nightclub founder, promoter

Notable historical net worths

Period Name Net worth (Ŧ) Source(s) of wealth
1910s–1930s Angeline Dalles c. ₤50 million Writer, businesswoman, politician
1910s–1930s Arlette Gaubert c. ₤10 billion Industrialist (Gaulette, Alscia)
1960s–1980s Sima Daián 5 billion (c. 1967) Model, actress, writer
1960s–1980s Samantha Thompson 4 billion (c. 1972) Model, actress, record label founder, record producer
1960s–2000s Sári Gábor 15 billion (c. 1964) Publisher
1960s–2003 Annemarie Beaulieu 10 billion (c. 1972) Artist
1960s–1970s Rauna Næsve 20 billion (c. 1969) Actress, merchandising
1960s–1980s Electra Galanou 5 billion (c. 1975) Inventor, consumer electronics
1960s–1990s Molly Hawkins 20 billion (c. 1992) Confectioner (Molly Hawkins Group)
1960s–2016 Susan Shelley 100 billion (c. 2006) Record producer, arranger, composer, audio engineer, and musician
1960s–2017 Irene Shelley 50 billion (c. 2006) Illustrator, artist
1990s Chikageki 10 billion (collectively) Actresses, merchandising