Pornography in Gylias

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Pornography in Gylias is legal and regulated. Gylian pornography is a large business and a significant component of Gylias' sex industry, with unique traits that distinguish it from other Tyranian pornography.

Reflecting Gylian economic circumstances and permissive views on sexuality, Gylian pornography delves into a wide spectrum of sexual acts and audiences, including coverage of unique fetishes and paraphilias.

Pornography, together with sex work and drugs, had a visible role in the Golden Revolution, and retains a political significance today through the Love, Nature, Democracy party.


Pre-modern era

Erotic art first appeared during the Liúşai League, whose societies held liberal attitudes towards sexuality. Various forms of erotic art are attested and preserved, ranging from ancient statues and frescoes dating back to the 5th century BCE, to folklore and literature, to pre-modern paintings.

Frank treatment of sexuality is also attested by a rich vein of bawdy folk songs and Concordian stories, most featuring Mauan, the spirit of fertility, sexuality, and passion.


The Xevden era was marked by attempts to suppress sexuality and restrictive public morals. Pornography was banned and condemned as "immoral", particularly after the adoption of a state religion, but the authorities made little effort to enforce the ban among conquered peoples.

With resistance to Xevden a driving factor in the Gylian ascendancy, feminism spread among the Gylian populace, embracing the emancipation of female sexuality as a cause. The founders of modern Gylian literature reflected the ideal: Anca Déuréy treated sexuality frankly in her work, while Angeline Dalles explored hedonistic demimonde pleasures, contributing the influential wicked–evil distinction.

Erotic fiction and art began to be increasingly published among Gylian communities in the late 19th and early 20th century.


Benefiting from the freedoms of the Cacertian Empire, Alscia became the main centre of Gylian publishing and popular culture in the early 20th century. Pornography and erotica developed considerably: literature was published openly, pornographic periodicals and magazines appeared, and the first erotic films were released.

Free Territories

Pornography flourished in the Free Territories, and was influenced by its promotion of free love, radical gender-neutrality, and prefigurative politics. Due to rationing affecting the printed press, cinema assumed a greater role in erotic representation.

Anaïs Nin marked a significant force in erotic literature of the period, both for her candidly autobiographical Diary and her modernist erotic fiction. Singer and actress Reda Kazan also made erotic appeal a key part of her persona and music.


A flourishing sex industry emerged in Gylias, in tandem with the Golden Revolution and thriving popular culture. Gylian pop culture was permeated by playful and positive depictions of sexuality. Particularly influential in this regard were orgone films, a genre characterised by gleefully abundant innuendo and an exploration of the limits of naughtiness without becoming explicit, and the films of Rauna Næsve, whose ebullient personality and cheeky comedy became a fundamental influence on Gylian eroticism.

In the 1960s, producer Şaisa Tausi played a critical role in shaping pornography. Renowned for her flamboyant personality and her strong-arm tactics (including seeking help from the Mava Organisation), Şaisa became the major figure of the pornography industry, co-opting most studios and distributors into her network. She helped cement the upbeat tone of Gylian pornography, encouraging directors and performers to only perform things they were comfortable with, and preventing exploitative and humiliating elements from appearing in her films, influenced by the ethos of her friend Jenny Ford.

Pornography prospered as an industry, and even gained exposure abroad as part of the Gylian Invasion. Pornographic magazines appeared, catering to various audiences, and pornographic comics and Gylianime appeared. The industry diversified into many genres, and Gylian-specific genres emerged, such as clothes-based pornography, and crossovers with the nénédie genre.

Adult video games first appeared in the 1980s, and the market grew in the 1990s.

The popularisation of home media in the 1980s, followed by the growth of the internet in Gylias and creation of publinet digital distribution agencies in the 1990s, stimulated further growth in the industry. The video sharing service NetStream created a separate website, SexStream, dedicated to pornographic and erotic content.

Legal situation

Pornography is legal in Gylias. Consumers and purchasers of pornography, as well as pornographic actors, must have reached the age of majority.

Child pornography and non-consensual pornography are banned. Animal pornography is banned by application of laws against cruelty to animals. Distribution of pornography to those under the age of majority and hiring those under the age of majority for pornographic films are illegal.


The defining characteristic of Gylian pornography is a joyous atmosphere. Regardless of type, Gylian pornography depicts sexuality in a celebratory and playful manner. Works that have a degrading or cruel tone are shunned, a factor that determines which foreign pornography is imported.

Due to the broad overlap between pornography and general pop culture in terms of playful depictions of sexuality and eroticism, the distinction between softcore pornography and hardcore pornography is less significant. Pornography is instead classified functionally, as works that exclusively aim to elicit sexual arousal.

Common traits in Gylian pornographic works include slice of life storytelling techniques, naturalistic characterisation, experimental elements, and polished production values, influenced by gauchic and orgone films.

Gylian pornography is known for its attention to detail and use of situations and elements not normally considered erotic to induce arousal. It has been a pioneer in employing ASMR techniques for sexual purposes.


Among the various subgenres of Gylian pornography are the following:

  • Age-based pornography (young adult, adult)
  • Gender and sexuality-based pornography (bisexual, gay, lesbian, transsexual, queer, intersex)
  • Psychedelic pornography
  • Scenario-based pornography (includes professions and settings)
  • Fetish-based pornography
  • Educational pornography (focused on sex education)
  • "Wicked" pornography
  • Political pornography

Notable among subgenres are pornographic works that eroticise the act of wearing clothing, as well as other activities or details not normally considered arousing, such as discharge of firearms.

Notable performers and creators


Pornography has had a political significance since the Free Territories. Both the Free Territories and Golden Revolution popularised a philosophical stance informed by Epicureanism and Freudo-Marxism, theorising pleasure as a liberating and fundamental force in creating a new society. Accordingly, pornography, sex work, and drugs enjoyed support and promotion as means of progress and emancipation.

Much like drug experimentation is promoted by acid communism and the satirical LSD Party, there is a strain of "pornmunism" among the Gylian left which emphasises the importance of sexual liberation and pleasure in attempts to achieve liberation of mankind and construction of a stateless society. LND is the leading party advocating free love and sexual issues, and as such represents the main outlet promoting the radical and liberatory aspects of pornography. The PPFN, PP-CM, and HP similarly have taken pro-pornography positions, from different viewpoints.

Tina Jørgensen, minister without portfolio with responsibility for LGBT issues in the Darnan Cyras government, was known for pushing for transgender representation in pornography.

The pornographic actresses Moana Pozzi and Ilona Stahler famously entered politics in the 1990s. Moana led the LND to a strong result in the 1990 federal election, and joined the Mathilde Vieira government as a minister without portfolio with responsibility for sexual hygiene. Ilona assumed the post after Moana's death in 1994, and led the LND into the subsequent 1995 federal election.

Politics in pornography

Gylian pornography has also reflected political and social trends since independence.

Pornography during the Golden Revolution had psychedelia and utopian socialism as predominant themes.

Works produced during the wretched decade are notable for a more defiant or demoralised tone, depending on the period.

Frauke Stark achieved success in the 1990s with her humorously commercially-themed Shopping series. Her business suited appearance and persona as a voracious wealthy woman satirically reflected and commented on Mathilde Vieira's economic reforms, particularly the Decleyre Summit and Social Partnership Program, and the rise of media-savvy businesswomen such as Agathe Sanna, Marie-Agnès Delaunay, and Saira Telyn.

Her success inspired a strain of pornography that mocked capitalism, consumerism, and enterprise through a Gylian perspective. This "business burlesque" subgenre became one of the largest parts of Gylian pornography, together with "wicked" pornography.

Contemporary pornography has been shaped by the impact of the internet in Gylias.

Political pornography is a notable niche of Gylian pornography. It largely focuses on sexualising certain political scenarios or fantasies in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. Examples include:

  • Portrayals of the Donatella Rossetti government with the liberals as dominants and socialists as submissives — parodying the popular conception that the PALU alliance has been more dominated by the left since independence.
  • Portrayals of conservatives as appealingly buttoned-up and aristocratically-mannered — influenced by the similar images of Isabel Longstowe and Kaida Rakodi.
  • Portrayals of ARENA in buffoonish scenarios with BDSM overtones — lampooning the idea of "strong leadership" and rendering it ridiculous.
  • Portrayals of powerful and sexually insatiable bureaucrats and behind-the-scenes figures — synthesising elements from the ferroses and tetramazones, "business burlesque" pornography, and humorously sexualised depictions of reform efforts.