Senria Girl (flim)

Senryuu Laṛkī
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Directed byDeepak Adhikari
Produced byJissu Madani
Screenplay byRavi Varman
  • Somraj Maity
  • Satomi Hayashi
  • Arun Bakshi
  • Anoop Arora
  • Makino Tsukushi
Music byAbhijit Banerjee
CinematographyBojan Bazelli
Edited byAarti Bajaj
Adhikari Studios
Release date
  • October 19, 2021 (2021-10-19)
(Montecara Film Festival)
Running time
110 minutes
Budget$3 million

Senryuu Laṛkī (transl. Senria Girl) is a 2021 Arthani romantic drama directed by Deepak Adhikari, from a screenplay by Ravi Varman, based on the 2017 novel of the same title by Ishrat Biswas. The film stars Somraj Maity, Satomi Hayashi, Arun Bakshi, Anoop Arora, and Makino Tsukushi. Set in the 1990s, it follows the relationship of an Arthani university student and his girlfriend, a Senrian foreign exchange student, while they deal with the cultural differences and difficulties that their interethnic relationship brings.

The film is set to premiere at the 82nd Montecara Film Festival on October 19th 2021, followed by a wide release across Arthasthan the next day.


Arjun Rao is the first son and heir to a political dynasty in a large District near Govem. While the family is still prominent in local politics, their political fortunes have been waning for the past decade. To prepare Arjun as the future head of his family, his father Baladi enrolls him in a law degree program at Arthasthan National University, the most prestigious university in the country.

Arjun is uninterested in the field and struggles academically, as he is more interested in his hobby of writing and socializing with friends than his degree. However the term marks the beginning of the university’s first COMSED student exchange program. The arrival of Senrian and Ansene students are largely accepted by the student body but a large minority opposes it. While at a party instead of studying for a test, Arjun sees a fight almost break out between Arthani and Senrian students. Arjun successfully defuses the situation and prevents a fight. Afterwards, he is approached by a girl from the group, who thanks him for preventing a fight. She introduces herself as Tahara Mika, a student from Senria, studying child development. Despite a minor language barrier, the two are immediately attracted to each other and begin an unexpected relationship.

Fearful of judgement from their peers and mindful of tensions, Arjun and Tahara begin their relationship in secret. Despite cultural differences, the two form a strong bond as they learn about each other. With the support of Tahara, Arjun improves academically and is able to gain an internship at a Local Court, which in turn earns him a scholarship. Meanwhile Arjun teaches Tahara about the complexities of Arthani culture and how to speak and read Matrabashi. Over the course of several months, they overcome their cultural differences and become a close couple. Tahara enjoys exploring Arthani culture, especially street food, with Arjun. Tahara teaches Arjun about Senrian culture and how to speak Senrian.

In early April, their classmates discover Arjun’s and Tahara’s relationship which quickly becomes the subject of university gossip. The couple attracts unwanted attention from stares to open disdain from both Senrian and Arthani students. Even their close friends, Aamir and Seino, are unsure of their relationship. Their relationship is further strained when Arjun’s father, still unaware of Arjun’s relationship, informs his son in a letter that he is arranging him a marriage with the daughter of a local political family, which will occur after Arjun finishes his first year of studying. When Arjun informs Tahara about the letter and tells her that he does not know if they have a future, the couple have a fight and Tahara breaks up with him.

Arjun is heartbroken and declines into a depressed stupor. He does not respond to his father’s letter, burning it instead. His remaining close friend, Aamir tries to comfort him by claiming the relationship could not have worked, which only further depresses him. Nevertheless with Aamir’s help he is able to keep his scholarship. Meanwhile the harassment of exchange students continues to grow. In response the university holds an open forum in an attempt to calm the mood. Arjun is initially apathetic, but Aamir insists on Arjun attending and he acquiesces.

Arjun initially does not want to speak as the forum is very contentious, but watching a few students jeer and interrupt speakers angers him. He grabs a microphone and berates the hecklers for their intolerance. During his speech an audience member heckles Arjun over his relationship with Tahara, causing him to declare his love for her. He then storms off, but before he could return to his dorm Tahara appears, who watched him speak. Tahara asks him if he truly loves her, to which Arjun says yes. Tahara responds that she still loves him too. Arjun declares that he will turn down the arranged marriage in order to be with her. Tahara takes Arjun back and they return to Arjun’s dorm where they have sex.

A week later, Arjun and Tahara are rebuilding their relationship. Aamir runs to Arjun in class and warns him that Arjun’s father is on campus. Arjun runs back to his dorm where he finds his father and his cousins waiting for him outside. Baladi confronts Arjun about his relationship with Tahara. He reveals that after Arjun failed to respond to his letter, he grew concerned and sent someone to observe him. The person saw the confrontation between the heckler and Arjun and immediately returned to report the incident to his father. Enraged at his son’s relationship he immediately traveled to the university. Baladi demands that his son end the relationship to which Arjun flatly refuses. His father makes various threats, threatening to recall him from university. Arjun is initially taken aback but decides to stand firm. Arjun refuses, pointing out that his threat is pointless as he has a full scholarship. Baladi is astounded by his son’s rebellion and gives a half-hearted threat to disown him before leaving.

Tahara is supportive of Arjun after his confrontation with his father, but Arjun is troubled by his threat to disown him. Several days later. Arjun is walking to class when university police officers rush by him, heading toward the dorms where the Senrian exchange students are staying. Arjun and Aamir run toward the dorms where they encounter police officers and Senrian students fighting with three Arthani men. The men are arrested and Arjun recognizes his cousins which shocks him deeply. A rumor spreads that an Senrian girl was attacked and Arjun has a panic attack. Suddenly, Tahara runs up to Arjun unhurt and tearfully embraces him, saying that the men trashed the dorm of a girl next to her. Arjun is livid because knows that it is retaliation for his relationship with her, but they targeted the wrong person.

A few days later, the university announces the suspension of the exchange program and all Senrian students will return home. Arjun and Tahara are heartbroken and Arjun is livid at his family. They do not know when they will see each other again, but they declare their love for each other again. When the day comes to return to Senria, Arjun and Tahara both travel to Nadipatnam International Airport, where they tearfully say goodbye when Tahara boards her flight back to Senria. They promise each other that they will try to stay together and remain in touch.

After her flight departs, Arjun’s father appears alone holding a white lotus. Arjun initially refuses to speak to him, but relents after seeing the flower. Baladi admits that he still personally opposes the relationship, but accepts their union. However his father reveals that the wider family, aghast at Arjun’s actions, decided to try scaring off Tahara by attacking her. Baladi says that he opposed it but admits that he allowed it to happen and asks for forgiveness. Arjun suddenly asks if the arranged marriage is still being planned, to which Baladi says nothing. Arjun realises that while his father accepts his relationship, his family will always try to confirm him to their wishes. He grows angry and announces that he still loves Tahara, to which his father says that his family would have no choice but to forsake him. Arjun grows livid once again and storms off.

A week later, Arjun is reading in the university library when a library worker tells him he has a phone call waiting for him. When he picks up the phone, Tahara is on the other end. She reveals that her parents discovered her relationship shortly after she returned. She reveals that her parents are very uncertain and confused of an interrethnic relationship, but do not wholly oppose it. She goes on to state that it was just announced that while the exchange program to Arthasthan will remain suspended, the program to Senria will continue. She asks if Arjun could go to a Senrian university in Keisi next term and meet her family. Arjun realizes that it would effectively mean the end of his relationship with his family. After briefly considering, he agrees.

An epilogue reveals the real-life courtship of an Arthani student, revealed to be Ishrat Biswas's friend, with an Senrian exchange student from which his book and the film is based on.


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