South Turania Offensive (2019)

2019 South Turania Offensive
F-16 Red Flag 2010 Pakistan Air Force 9 sqn Griffins.jpg
The East Chanchajillan Air Force Z-A1s in Action
Date14 February 2019 - 13 May 2019
  • East Chanchajilla
  • West Chanchajilla
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Gideon Boer
  • Frederick Armbar
  • Casualties and losses
  • 527 killed
  • 1,363 wounded
  • 1 POW
  • 1 fighter jet shot down
  • 1 fighter jet crashed
  • 1 helicopter shot down
  • 834 killed
  • 2,000+ wounded
  • 85 POW
  • 6 fighter jets shot down
  • 3 helicopters shot down
  • The South Turania Offensive was an armed conflict between East Chanchajilla and West Chanchajilla that took place between February and May 2019 in the mountainous district of Turania and elsewhere along the mountainous border of the two nations known as the Line of Control (LOC). In East Chanchajilla, the conflict is also referred to as Operation Victory. The East Chanchajillan Air Force's role in acting jointly with Ground troops during the War that was aimed at flushing out Regular and Irregular troops of the West Chanchajillan Army from vacated Eastern Positions in the Turania sector along the Line of Control.

    The cause of the war was the infiltration of Western soldiers disguised as militants into positions on the Eastern side of the LOC, which serves as the border between the two states. During the initial stages of the war, West Chanchajilla blamed the fighting entirely on independent Turania insurgents, but documents left behind by casualties and later statements by West Chanchajillan President Frederick Armbar showed involvement of West Chanchajillan paramilitary forces. The East's Army, later supported by the East's Air Force, recaptured a majority of the positions on the East side of the LOC infiltrated by the Western troops and militants. Facing international diplomatic opposition, the Western forces withdrew from the remaining Eastern positions along the LOC. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Turania, moderated by Rio Palito.

    The war is one of the most recent examples of high-altitude warfare in mountainous terrain, which as such posed significant logistical problems for the combating sides.



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