East Chanchajilla

Republic of Chanchajilla

Flag of East Chanchajilla
East Chanchajilla (white) and the State of Turania (red), which is contested with West Chanchajilla and Paraboca
East Chanchajilla (white) and the State of Turania (red), which is contested with West Chanchajilla and Paraboca
Recognised national languagesSpanish, English
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President
Gideon Boer
• Unification of Chanchajilla
• Chanchajilla breaks apart
• Republic of Chanchajilla
• 2020 estimate
CurrencyChancu Dimo
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy

East Chanchajilla, or as it is less commonly referred to as the Republic of Chanchajilla is a nation located on the continent of Euronia in the Coalition of Crown Albatross. It is landlocked and bordered by Zamastan to the south, Paraboca to the north, West Chanchajilla to the west, and Avergnon in the east. The west and east had been unified as Greater Chanchajilla from their respective kingdoms since 1450, although a brutal occupation and resulting violent Parabocan War eventually eroded the social and governmental states of the nation. The separation of Chanchajilla and the ensuing Chanchajillan Civil War in 1932-44 resulted in two separate nations; east and west. East Chanchajilla, which remained a capitalist-centered economy with more political freedoms than their neighbors to the west, gained significant aid from Zamastan, who provided packages that built their military, infrastructure, and economics.

East Chanchajilla is considered developing, and has a semi-industrialised economy with a well-integrated agriculture sector and a growing services sector. It is ranked among the emerging economies of the world, and is backed by one of the world's largest and fastest-growing middle class. The country continues to face challenging problems, including overpopulation, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, and corruption. East and West have also had multiple violent and sporadic conflicts between on their border in the past century, including the South Turania Offensive.


Early Age

Unification of Kingdoms

Parabocan Occupation

The Parabocan War

Separation and Civil War


Modern Day