St. Chloé's Hospital

St. Chloé's Hospital
Jindanese Health Society
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Front entrance from Wanqian Street
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LocationWanqian Street, Yanglin, Jindao City, Jindao 76152
Care systemJindanese Health Society
Hospital typeTeaching
Religious affiliationSolarian Christianity
PatronSt. Chloé
Emergency departmentYes

St. Chloé's Hospital is a private hospital in Jindao that serves as the country's largest and busiest hospital both by size and number of admitted patients annually. A forefront institution in the global medical world, the hospital is funded by the Jindanese Health Society - a group of companies who agree to fund the hospital in exchange for advertising inside the building, on uniforms, and in some cases, on equipment.

Founded by Albert III, King of Gaullica, as the Royal Albert Hospital in 1891, the hospital initially served as exclusively a military hospital for soldiers returning from Gaullican colonial expeditions. It underwent a large overhaul in 1919 that expanded the hospital across Wanqian Street due to the rapidly increasing Jindanese population and the inability of the hospital to cope with such. The hospital attracted many professors from Euclea who greatly bolstered and improved the institution's capabilities to deal with the growing problems faced by the population. On the outbreak of the Great War in 1927, the hospital was expanded into nearby buildings forcefully vacated by the Gaullican Army to serve as one of the largest military hospitals in Coius at the time, it is estimated to have treated around 50,000 soldiers between 1927 and 1933, when the Senrian occupation of Jindao caused Senria to repurpose the hospital into an ammunitions depot for the Senrian Army. The Watashinoie enscription in the front halls of the hospital date to the Senrian occupation, a poem detailing the horrors of the battlefield during the Senrian invasion of Xiaodong. The poem is a renowned piece of literature that attracts tourism to the hospital, which is redirected to its funding.

Once the island was transferred to Estmere in 1936 it was renamed briefly to the Arterbury County Hospital before it was officially renamed to Saint Chloé's Hospital in 1940, after the Gaullican saint. It continues to be a frontrunner in global medicinal technology and attracted investors in the modern day and the hospital changed little throughout Jindao's tenure with Estmere and through the transfer to Xiaodong. It surpassed the Weikan Infirmary as Jindao's busiest hospital in 2005 and retains that title to this day.