Thatsong Court

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The Grand Court of Righteous Law in Thatsong (Ragish: 正法大中大理廷 tsenfaq datson dalidin), simply known as the Thatsong Court, is a court and interpretation of objective law that enjoys precedent recognition in Ragland. About 62 million people live under the Thatsong Court's jurisdiction, subject to and/or part of numerous sovereign entities and actors, the largest of which is the Ioktsou Confederacy. As the name suggests, the Court is located in Thatsong, the former capital city of the Axial Empire.


The Axial Empire's initial disintegration and collapse in the 17th century was followed by internecine conflict that sought to restore an unified legal authority over the Empire's former territories, or to prevent the occurrence thereof. By the 1700s the Ioktsou Confederacy, an alliance of major companies, merchants' associations, and guilds in Ragland had secured control over a sizeable part of the Empire's former economic core. The Ioktsou league had established a court in Thatsong in 1694 to legitimize their authority, which directly claimed succession to the 'Great Pole' that the Axial Empire served as; however, the league had failed to actualize its claims as it was thwarted in warfare by Ashiharan and Wunish leagues. Nevertheless, throughout the standoff between rival Grand Courts in the former Empire of the early 18th century, the Thatsong Court laid claim to the most of pretence, although the actual importance of the Empire's symbolism diminished steadily.

After the Settlement War in the 1760s, an arrangement of multiple first-level Grand Courts each with their own separate jurisdictions was recognized, and the Thatsong Court formally abandoned its claim of universal precedence.