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A view of Ioktsou city.

Ragland (Ragish: 雒 lo) is a geographic and cultural region on Aussia's eastern seaboard inhabited by about 63 million people. The area practices objective law, and customarily recognizes the precedence of the Thatsong Court. The Ioktsou Confederacy is the most powerful force in Ragland, representing 53 million people and much of the area's economic output. The region's political and economic center is Ioktsou.

In the 1st millennium BCE, the reach of the Nonnic civilization entered modern Ragland, and thereafter the area developed its own Nonnic-influenced culture. It was home to several maritime mercantile city-states and kingdoms. Ragland was one of the economic centers of the Axial Empire. During the collapse of the Empire in the 17th century, the Ioktsou Confederacy was formed in 1688 and established order over the area. It has since retained its preeminent status into the modern day.

With a GDP per capita of about $31,000, and a Human Development Index of 0.911, Ragland enjoys some of the highest living standards in Aussia and the world, as well as being a major economy. Ragish industries specialize in high-end manufacturing, electronics, shipbuilding, and petroleum. Ragland boasts a dynamic, innovative economy with extremely low corruption and difficulty of doing business.