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The National Republic of Thermodolia

Thermodolian: Grœthasæ Ræńth Thômthdólasć
Flag of Thermodolia
Motto: Dòthæ Fâdéæth Eœta
Prosperity Through Hard Work
Anthem: Sæith Thômthdólásćæ
(Rise of the Thermodolians)
CapitalThermodolia City
Largest cityTrén City
Official languagesThermodolian
GovernmentFederal Semi-Presidential Democratic Republic
• President
Jacob Zarman
Dan Grœth
Derak Gœs
• Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court
Sue Dæ
LegislatureFederal Parliament
National Assembly
• Unification (as the United Kingdom of Thermodolia)
June 26, 558
• National Republic
October 12, 1898
• Total
9,436,847 km2 (3,643,587 sq mi)
• 2020 census
• Density
223/km2 (577.6/sq mi)
Gini (2020)29.0
very high
CurrencyTherma (T) (=100 Drâ) (TNT)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+83

Thermodolia, officially known as the National Republic of Thermodolia, is a large superpower on three-fourths of the continent of Thersna. Thermodolia is a large nation both in size at 9,436,847 km2 and in population with 2.1 billion people calling Thermodolia home. As Thermodolia occupys the southern three-fourths of Thersna its northern, and northwestern borders four other nations; these four are Polata City to its northeast, Karún to its north, Thrana to its northwest, and Growana to its west. Thermodolia also borders Idoho and Isla de Flores via its overseas territories, both nations where once Thermodolian colonies, and Thermodolia shares a sea border with Tanganyika via the Territory of Zanzibar.

Thermodolia is a major economic world player with exports, especially in information technology, uranium mining and agriculture, forming the backbone of its economy. The Thermodolian Navy is one the largest navies on earth with a global reach, even the Thermodolian Coast Guard is larger than several nations navies. While the current National Republic has only existed since 12 October, 1898, Thermodolia as a nation and a national identity has existed since 26 June, 558 when the East and West Kingdoms joined together to form the United Kingdom of Thermodolia


The name "Thermodolia" comes from the British mispronunciation of "Thômthdóla", which is a compound of the words "Thôm" and "Dóla" meaning "Great" and "Land" respectively with the whole word meaning "Great Land". The source of this mispronunciation is lost to history but it is thought to have come about when British traders asked where they where.






Politics and Government

Thermodolia is a Federal Semi-Presidential Democratic Republic, the President is the Head of State and Chief Executive while the Prime Minister is the Head of Government. The current President is Jacob Zarman while the current Prime Minister is Dan Riægh.

Administrative Divisions


Foreign Relations



Thermodolia is currently a leader in Nuclear Energy with 79% of the energy produced in the nation coming from the 156 nuclear power plants. Because of this Thermodolia is a net energy exporter regularly exporting its excess energy to the nations that border it. Thermodoila made use of its massive uranium deposits, second only to Canada.

Other energy sources are Hydroelectric which makes 8% of the energy produced, most of this comes from the massive dams in the northern mountains with a small amount from unconventional sources. Next is coal with 5%. Prior to the invention of the first viable nuclear reactor for civilan power, Thermodolia relied heavily on coal to power its nation. However with the rise of airplanes, cars, better ships, and plastics; Thermodolia needed a better power source as they do not have a large enough domestic supply of oil hence the switch to nuclear and hydroelectric power.

Other power sources are Renewables at 4%, mainly coming from Wind, Solar, and Geothermal Power, Natural Gas at 3%, and Biomass/Waste at 1%. While Natural gas is not a large power source for the national enrgy grid it is the prime fuel of choice for all road vehicles in Thermodolia, with nearly 72% of all vehicles being powered by some form of Natural gas.

In terms of energy source deposits Thermodolia has large deposits of uranium, coal, and natural gas. While Thermodolia has oil deposits it is not enough to independently run its industry, therefore Thermodolia has to import oil to meet its demands which has lead several governments to invest in alternatives. Its estimated that Thermodolia holds under 1% of all oil reserves in the world.







Since the founding of the National Republic religion has taken a backseat in Thermodolian society. While the Constitution of the National Republic of Thermodolia does guarantee the right to freedom of belief, the constitution under Article 12 allows the government to restrict this right if certain beliefs could cause harm to Thermodolia. Article 12 explicitly states that "this right does not extend to beliefs which could cause harm to the nation and its people" when referring to the right to ones belief or non-beliefs, in addtion Article 12 demands that Thermodolia shall be a secular nation stating "All religious beliefs shall not have a role in the government of Thermodolia and Thermodolia shall follow a state secular system. The federal parliament shall be tasked with ensuring this through the law"

This has given rise to two different classes in Thermodolian law in regards to religion. All religions which are classified as a "Religion" are entitled to the rights and protections granted by Article 12, however all religions which are classified as a "Cult" are banned, heavily resticted, and persecuted. The reasoning for cult status can range from the terrorism espousing and supporting Wahhabism, to the religions which are considered foreign to Thermodolia such as Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormonism to those which truely fit the idea of a cult such as Scientology.

The largest religious faith in the nation is Christianity with 73.25% of the nation identifying as such. The largest denomination is Thermodolian Christianity, largely represented by the Thermodolian Christian Church, with 75.74% of all christians and 55.48% of all Thermodolians identifying as Thermodolian Christian. Of that 75.74%, 90.71% are members of Thermodolian Christian Church with the other 9.29% belonging to multiple different groups.

Other Christian denominations are:
Mainline Protestantism with 8.28% of the national population and 11.30% of the christians
Evangelical Protestantism with 5.58% and 7.62%
Catholicism with 3.56% and 4.86%
Orthodox with 0.31% and 0.43%
Other Christian with 0.03% and 0.05%

The second largest grouping is No Religion with 18% of the Thermodolian population identifying as such. In Thermodolia No Religion is grouped into two subgroups: Apathetic, which are people who did not bother to answer the religious question on the census and Atheist, which are people who have indicated that they do not believe in any faith

The statistics of No Religion group are as follows:
Apathetic with 10% of the national population and 55.58% of the No Religion group
Atheist with 8% and 44.42%

The statistics of other religious faiths in Thermodolia are as follows:
Spiritual but not Religious with 3.6% of the national population
Judaism with 1.16%
Buddhism with 1%
Thermodolian Pagan Religions with 1%
Islam with 0.9%
Hindu with 0.7%
and other taking up 0.4%.


Music and Art