Tixuhel Darandae

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His Excellency
Tixuhel Darandae
Tixuhel Darandae.jpg
11th President of Andamonia
In office
15 February 1888 – 19 October 1892
Preceded byNasarsi ha'Talma
Succeeded bySecond Republic
Personal details
Born(1831-08-23)August 23, 1831
Morsí, Andamonia
DiedJune 17, 1894(1894-06-17) (aged 62)
Military service
Years of service1860-1882
Battles/warsBaira Debacle
War with Cassonne

Tixuhel Darandae (23 August 1831 – 17 June 1894) was President of Andamonia from 1888 until the fall of the Andamonian First Republic in October 1892, halfway through his second term. A prominent military leader during the Baira Debacle, he won the presidency in a landslide election against incumbent Nasarsi ha'Talma in February 1888.

Shortly after Darandae's election, he promised to redeem Andamonia's military against one of its rivals, meaning Txekrikar. His deliberate ambiguity excited the fears of Maxime of Cassonne, already at war with Aquitayne, who launched a preemptive strike against Andamonia to prove that his empire was not vulnerable to attack. The resulting war lasted from 1888 to late 1891 and fed into the growing dissatisfaction with Andamonia's republican government, although it secured Darandae's reelection in February 1891.

After the collapse of the First Republic, Darandae took personal command of what remained of its armies in Zacatla and Kakotlahi and attempted to salvage his government. He was defeated, and when the Second Republic formed in early 1893 he was declared an enemy of the state. He was captured in Alacuaha, attempting to flee the country after spending six months on the run, and was executed on 17 June 1894.