Andamonian Second Republic

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Andamonian Second Republic

Flag of the Andamonian Second Republic
Motto: Justice, Faith, Fidelity
Roman Catholicism
• 1893-1898
Mirhitoc Anatzi
• 1898-1903
Cuvai ha'Rebaha
• 1903-1913
Peyri Altanlai
• 1913
Qualizian Luhiatl
• Established
21 February 1893
• Tlacapila Restoration
17 July 1913
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Andamonian First Republic
Today part of Andamonia

The Andamonian Second Republic governed Andamonia after the collapse of the First Republic in 1892 until it was deposed during the Tlacapila Restoration that reinstated the monarchy.

The government established itself in Cevrazu, as, after the fall of the First Republic, Zadé Axochizin remained a hotbed of political upheaval. The new republican government of the Second Republic consistently lacked popular support, and it attempted to establish its legitimacy early on, first by executing Tixuhel Darandae, the last president of the First Republic, as an enemy of the state and then by seizing three of the Trophy Ports from Trellin. Rather than providing a solution, this instead earned the animosity of the Trellinese crown and provided a constant drain on manpower to suppress the rebellions it spawned.

Unable to stabilise its territory or earn popular approval, the Second Republic was overthrown in mid-1913 by a royalist section of the military. The exiled Tlacapila dynasty was invited to return, and on 17 July 1913 the republic was formally dissolved and replaced with a monarchy.