Tofino-Arinals Metropolitan Area

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Tofino-Arinals Metropolitan Area
Megacity and metropolitan region
Douglass CBD overlooking Tirzah to the north, across the Zian River
Douglass CBD overlooking Tirzah to the north, across the Zian River
Map of the subregions and cities of the Tofino-Arinals metropolitan area
Map of the subregions and cities of the Tofino-Arinals metropolitan area
Administrative District (Province)Zian
Satellite cities
    • Allainville
    • Alveria
    • Antrim
    • Ashwood
    • Atherstone
    • Aulney
    • Barrington
    • Briarcliff
    • Cannock
    • Cape Casco
    • Carredes
    • Cawood
    • Chesney
    • Clay Cross
    • Delta
    • Deroche
    • Elkford
    • Gibson
    • Hilton
    • Holmes
    • Ilkston
    • Ladson Creek
    • Laith
    • Lauren
    • Lively
    • Lytton
    • Mamos
    • Marseau
    • Medicine Hat
    • Melisa
    • Mt. Currie
    • Nalton
    • Nanaimo
    • Onota
    • Phelan
    • Plainfield
    • Red Deer
    • Sandown
    • Seaforth
    • Sidney
    • Stonesville
    • Surrey
    • Sutton
    • Tava
    • Thornloe
    • Tirzah
    • Wanapiti
    • Whistler
    • Wingerton
 • Metro
8,590 km2 (3,318 sq mi)
 • Megacity and metropolitan region56,483,000 (1st)
Time zoneUTC+7

The Tofino-Arinals Metropolitan Area, also known as the Greater Tofino Area (GTA) is the most populous metropolitan area in Zamastan and is the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass, encompassing 4,669.0 sq mi (12,093 km2). The vast metropolitan area includes the nation's capital and largest city, Tofino, the second-largest city, Arinals, and many surrounding municipalities distributed among the other three subregions, the South Inlet, North Inlet, and River Valley. According to the 2022 census, the Greater Tofino Area has a population of 56,483,000.

The regional span of the Greater Tofino Area is considered to encompass the coastal area around the Vallium Inlet, extending in an arc from the city of Nanaimo, inland up the Zian River as far as Elkford, to Wingerton. As the hub of multiple industries, including finance, health care, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences, international trade, publishing, real estate, education, fashion, entertainment, tourism, law, and manufacturing, the Tofino-Arinals metropolitan area estimated to produce a gross metropolitan product (GMP) of ℤ2.1 trillion as of 2022, representing the largest metropolitan economy worldwide; and if the Tofino-Arinals metropolitan area were an independent sovereign state, it would constitute the 9th-largest economy in the world. It is the most prominent financial, diplomatic, and media hub in the world.

The Tofino-Arinals metropolitan area is known for its varied landscape and natural beauty, and contains six of the top ten richest places in Zamastan. These are Kingston, Tirzah, Ashwood, Aulney, Cape Casco, and Briarcliff. The Tofino-Arinals metropolitan region's higher education network comprises hundreds of colleges and universities, including University of Tofino, Kingston University, Hapson University, Southwest University, Wingerton College, Couve University, and Benmann University.




South Inlet

North Inlet