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Two girls dancing on the edge of river

Two girls dancing on the edge of river
Two girl dancing on the edge of river.png
Promotional poster for the movie
Directed byArpan Qagatar
Produced byUnited Cavunian Film Group
NOVA Media Aq'Hort
Written byArpan Qagatar
Julia Belmayer
StarringAnuşa Tölgın
Nilufar Bezarbeq
Yana Ifaşi
Gotsö Miqtartani
Music bySitqa Uldın
CinematographyLevan H'Atarniq
Edited byYui Gaşaltaqı
Eliyah Loventu
Ari Töltöl
Distributed byNOVA Media Aq'Hort
Release date
August 27, 2019 (Cavunia)
September 11, 2019 (international)
Running time
83 minutes

Two girls dancing on the edge of river (Kunak: Öz'Nin Şetinıý Örtoqaltpaşik) is a 2019 Cavunian drama film directed by Arpan Qagatar and distributed by NOVA Media Aq'Hort. It was submitted to the annual Golden Sun Academy Awards and won the title of the best national screen production in December later that year. It proved to be one of the most successful Cavunian films, grossing over $12 million.


The movie follows the story of a young girl, Samal, and her younger sister, Ilqa, living in a small village somewhere in the Cavunian mountains, most probably in early 50s. They descend from the Yokish tribe and, together with their parents, run a small farm. One day, while the girls are sent to the river to fill buckets, their home village is attacked by an inferior tribe. Upon returning back, Samal notices that everyone either fled or was killed and decides to seek help in a nearest city, leaving what is known to her and Ilqa for the very first time.


This was the debut film of Arpan Qagatar, that previously worked in the television. Writing, preparing and casting took him over two years but he managed to convince a group of students from Aq'Hort to help him develop the idea. Entire story is narrated in the shades of gray and there's no word spoken during the film, with only sound of horses, fire and water are highlighted. Sitqa Uldın also wrote two melodies that played during the beggining and the ending screen. Casting took place in late 2017, with eleven year old Anuşa Tölgın receiving the role of Samal and Niulfar Bezarbeq playing Ilqa. This was both girls' acting debut. The filming took place in the summer of 2018 in western Cavunia, with the village being fully set up near to the Borkan river.

The editing was being done from October to December in 2018, with the help of Floren editor, Eliyah Loventu and two Cavunian members of NOVA Media Aq'Hort. Only then it was decided to make the movie black & white. Several other variations, such as sepia styled edition, were produced but not distributed.

The film was first played in Cavunia on 27th August, 2019 and later, in September, in several other countries. It was also sumbitted for an international festival, Montecara Film Festival, for the best film.


The film was praised by the Cavunian critics for its "minimal, yet very well conveyed emotionality" and showing struggles well known to the Cavunian society after the Great War - conflict between various clans and tribes and, most especially the very infamous customs of vendetta and murder of honour. Golden Sun Academy critic, Gon Tıktar, stated that despite the story happening in the past, the message it conveys is still actual today.

Several magazines, including far-right Qezün (Revelation) deemed the film as being prejudical and harmful, creating an overexaggerated picture of historical Cavunian society, projecting our qualities in a wrong way. There were also accusations of ahistoricality, lack of plot and selfish, yet untrue artistic expression.

The film gained 4.2 out of 5 starts in a yearly cultural review conducted by the magazine Qino, with mostly favourable opinions. On the webpage, it gained an approval rating of 72%, the highest ever earned by any Cavunian film


Award Category Status
Golden Sun Academy Awards Best leading role nominated
Golden Sun Academy Awards Best musical score nominated
Golden Sun Academy Awards Best national film won
Montecara Film Festival Best film nominated