URT (separatist group)

Ushtria Republikane Trekalare
LeadersFatos Rexhepi
Ymer Avdiu
Sabit Qerimi
Behxhet Maxharraj
Dates of operation3 April 1928 – 20 November 1950
July 1931 - July 1943 (dormant)
1 January 1947 (extant ceasefire)
15 October 1954 (disarmament)
4 Feburary 1955(dissolution)
HeadquartersKartha City-County
Active regionsEtrurian Region of Galenia
(Palestrina * Carvagna * Solaria * Altidona * Dinara)
IdeologyGalenian nationalism
Revolutionary socialism
Euclean federalism
Opponents Etruria
Battles and warsGalenian Independence Conflicts

The URT, commonly known as the Galenian Republican Army (Galenian: Ushtria Republikane Trekalërisë; Gaullican: Armée Républicaine Galenois), was an armed separatist group in Galenia that fought for the region’s independence during the Great War and the Solarian War. The URT was a socialist revolutionary group, adept to the ideas of Galenian nationalism and Euclean federalism. The group was founded in 1931, under the leadership of Fatos Rexhepi, with the intention to create an armed militia to fight for the Galenian independence. Throughout its existence, the URT promoted a series of terrorist attacks in Etruria such as, bombing, shooting, and bank robbing. After the end of the Great War, the group went dormant, but it was reactivated again in 1943, with the commencement of the Solarian War.