Unionist Party of Vinalia

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Unionist Party
Юніоністична партія
Yunionistychna partiya
LeaderOmelyan Pavlov
SecretaryOleksandr Yavorskyj
HeadquartersOvdokimov Building
Vinalinsk, Vinalia
Youth wingYoung Unionists
Membership (2019)415,275
IdeologyVinalian Unionism
Social liberalism
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre-right
Colours     Purple
Senate of the Union
16 / 39
House of the People
93 / 238
Constituent Parliaments
83 / 410
78 / 393

The Unionist Party of Vinalia (Soravian: Юніоністична партія Віналія; Yunionistychna Partiya Vinaliya ЮП ; YP), usually referred to as just the Unionist Party (Юніоністична партія ; Yunionistychna Partiya ) is a Social Liberal political party in Vinalia. The party is the largest in Vinalia dominating in all levels of government, and having been involved in all ruling governments of the country. Founded in 1989, its the 3rd oldest party in the country. The party takes its name from its goal of unifying Vinalia, the party and its members were the driving forces in Vinalian Reunification.