Omelyan Pavlov

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Omelyan Pavlov
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6th Minister-President of Vinalia
Assumed office
August 27th 2018
Preceded byTurden Najic
Chairman of the Unionist Party
Assumed office
June 20th 2018
Preceded byTurden Najic
Minister of the Cabinet
In office
August 12, 2015 – August 12th 2019
PresidentTurden Najic
Preceded byFedir Stanislav
Succeeded byEduard Mykolovych
Member of the Vinalian Senate of the Union for Catherinsk
Assumed office
January 29, 2010
Member of the Vinalian House of the People for Catherinsk
In office
January 29, 2004 – January 28, 2010
Personal details
Born (1970-04-26) April 26, 1970 (age 53)
Catherinsk, Catherinsk, Vinalia
Political partyUnionist Party (since 1995)
SpouseNelya Arturi (married in 1995)
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  • Nazar Pavlov (father)
  • Polina Kononenko (mother)
EducationUniversity of Catherinsk

Omelyan Nazarovich Pavlov (Омелян Назарович Павлов, 26 April 1970) is a Vinalian politician and economist currently serving as the 6th Minister-President of Vinalia and the Leader of the Unionist Party since 2018. Previously serving as Minister of the Cabinet under Turden Najic, between 2015 and 2019, and a member of the House of the People's from 2004 to 2010, and a member of the Senate of the Union since 2010 all representing his native Catherinsk.

Born in Catherinsk in 1970, Omelyan graduated from the Catherinsk Faculty of Economics in 1995, and became a high school teacher, while he pursued a degree in Politics. After graduating in 1999, Omelyan joined the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2000 moving to Chervona, and would soon join the campaign of the then Senator of Chervona Andrej Nepyip, who would win the Minister-Presidentship in 2002. Omelyan would return to Catherinsk in 2003 and run for the House of the People in 2004, being elected that year. He would remain in his post until 2010 where he would run and win for the Senate of the Union again for Catherinsk.

Quickly a high rising member inside the Unionist Party, Pavlov would join Turden Najic's wing of the Unionist Party called the "New Breed". Following the collapse of Ulyana Hryhorivna's Conservative government, Najic would be elected Minister-President and Pavlov made Minister of the Cabinet, as the Unionist Party took control of the government. Following Najic's decision to step down in 2017, Pavlov was promptly made the front runner of the Unionist Party and became it's leader, after a landslide victory Pavlov was made Minister-President in 2019.

Pavlov has had a successful Minister-Presidentship, with his "New Breed" politics uniting the Unionist Party while the Conservative and Workers Party have suffered from internal struggle. Known for maintaining the "HGLP" (High Growth Low Poverty), policies of the Hryhorivna government. He is a proponent of the Asterian Third Way for foreign politics in Asteria, emphasizing Political Neutrality and economic integration with regional neighbours, along with nations throughout the world.

Early life

Omelyan Pavlov was born on the 26th of April 1970, in Catherinsk to a lawyer Nazar Pavlov and mother Polina Kononenko both from Catherinsk. After finishing his secondary education in 1988 Pavlov would serve his mandatory 2 years of military of service, joining the army and becoming a radio operator reaching the rank of corporal. Pavlov would attend the University of Catherinsk in 1990 for an Economics degree, he would graduate in 1995 and would become a teacher at his former high school for the subject of History, while attending University for a degree in politics.

Early career

Pavlov's early interest in politics stem from a friend of her mother Vasnetsova Alenka which was a Catherinsk City Representative from 1969 to 1996. Pavlov desired to enter University in search of a degree in politics but was dissuaded by his father who suggested a more worthwhile degree. Pavlov would join while in University the student government climbing to becoming it's president in 1994, Alenka would invite Pavlov to her campaign for mayor of Catherinsk in 1996 but Pavlov was forced to decline. Pavlov would after finishing his degree in 1999, accept a job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and move to Chervona the following year.

Pavlov would meet the then Senator of Chervona Andrej Nepyip in 2001, do to Nepyip's wife, Kirigina Mariya being from Catherinsk. Pavlov would join Nepyip's campaign for re election in 2002, and leadership of the Unionist Party after Gary Druzus announced retirement, Nepyip would win both contests and would become Minister-President. Pavlov would run unsuccessfully for Chervona City representative in 2003, following this defeat and an offer from the University of Catherinsk for a full scholarship to get a Masters degree in Socio-Economics. Pavlov would return to Catherinsk to pursue his degree, but following recommendation from Nepyip he would run to represent his native Catherinsk in the House of the People, a traditional Conservative province.

The Unionists would manage to secure with 11% of the vote ensuring Pavlov would be elected.

House of the People (2004-2010)

Upon reaching the House of the People, Pavlov was noted for his support of the Minister-President alongside their closeness with Pavlov usually being found among Nepyip's inner circle, being elected to the House Commission on Internal Affairs from 2004 to 2008, and the House Commission on Foreign Affairs from 2008 to 2010. Pavlov would be re elected again in 2006, with 65% of the vote being just one out of the 7 Unionists seats from 19 in the previous elections left in the South. His popularity in Catherinsk had also aided his fellow Unionist House member Gubanov Maksim in keeping his seat in Catherinsk.

Pavlov would come to national attention for his breaking of party line in opposition of the construction of the Dursun Dam, he would join a Workers, Green, National, and Red party alliance who would ultimately defeat the bill, Pavlov being only one of 3 Unionists to defect the Nepyip proposal. Pavlov would survive the 2008 election that saw the Unionist party defeated and lose the House and the Minister-Presidentship to the Conservative party of Ulyana Hryhorivna, with Pavlov being the only Unionist candidate to increase his margin to 68% of the vote. Ulyana offered Pavlov a seat in her cabinet but Pavlov declined instead accepting a position in the House's Commission of Foreign Affairs.

Pavlov would find himself a key Unionist supporter of Ulyana supporting her economic and social policies tackling poverty and strengthening Vinalian industry. With the 2010 elections ahead, Pavlov readied to run once again for the House, yet Unionist leadership advocated for Pavlov to challenge the Conservatives in the Senate of the Union which had held all 3 seats in Catherinsk since 1994. Pavlov was marked at the top of the Unionist Catherinsk ticket, although polls showed the Unionist Party out of the threshold to win a seat. Pavlov would perform an interview with the Catherinsk New Press 2 days before the election, the publication would end up benefitting Pavlov as the Unionist party would gain the necessary threshold for Pavlov to enter into the Senate.

Senate of the Union (2010-2015)

Pavlov and the Unionist party entered into the Senate in a state of decay, out of 10 seats in the senate held in 2008, 3 had been lost giving the Workers party the second largest majority in the senate, Pavlov had been the only Unionist to gain a seat in the senate. Pavlov was appointed to the Senate Commission on Internal Affairs, a post he held until 2015. Pavlov fell under the influence of the mostly unknown senator from Velkarichka Turden Najic, which Nepyip had instructed Pavlov to contact, Turden advocated that the Unionist party be willing to part ways with the Grand Union Alliance, instead to align itself with either the Conservatives or the Workers party to achieve it's majority. Pavlov supported those thoughts and became part of the "New Breed" movement (supporters of Najic) in the Unionist party.

Pavlov would defend his seat in 2012, while 2 more seats were lost in the Senate as the Unionist party retreated to Conservative gains. Najic would find himself as the leader of a defeated Unionist Party which could not match the Conservatives or the Workers. Pavlov would find himself as the right hand man of Najic, as both worked to secure key legislature, among such legislature was a provision to improve Vinalian rail infrastructure, along with helping to ensure funding for the acquiring of Hallandic military vehicles for a highly mobile quick reaction force, his speech to the Senate raising his status and cementing himself as Najic's right hand.

For the 2014 election Pavlov would prove essential as the Unionist party rebounded, with Pavlov performing a variety of speeches for House and Senate members, throughout the country. Pavlov would retain his seat easily securing the highest vote count for Catherinsk for the Unionist party, while the party rebounded securing 7 seats in the Senate and 18 in the House to ensure it became the 2nd largest party, including 2 more seats in Catherinsk. As the Ulyana government entered into the migrant crisis of 2014-2015, Najic maintained a policy of neutrality having no desire to intervene in favor of Worker or conservative favored quotas. Pavlov emphasized the need for Asterian cooperation to deal with the crisis rather than handle it on it's own, but worsening migrant situation in other countries made this nearly impossible. As Ulyana required workers votes to secure a larger budget for the state, it sided with a Workers party favored quota. The conservative party suffered as 1/3 of it's Senate seats and House seats seceded and founded the Freedom Party, essentially ending Conservative hegemony over the grand coalition, the Unionist party being the 2nd largest party now in the House promptly ascended with Najic becoming Minister-President the 28th of May, 2015.

Minister of the Cabinet (2015-2019)

Pavlov was offered the highly prestigious position of Minister of the Cabinet, a position he accepted. As Minister of the Cabinet Pavlov was seen clearly as the 2nd most important member of the Unionist party, with his ascension to Vice-Chairman of the party in July 2015, further cementing the fact. Pavlov took a keen interest in the Vinalinsk project, where he surveyed the plans personally and assisted all matters regarding the project alongside the Commission for the project.

The 2016 elections proved crucial to the Unionist party as a Workers party seeked to capitalize on further Conservative losses, as with the 2014 elections, Pavlov would prove once again crucial to the party attending the December and January debates (3 in total) with party leaders as Najic could not attend, do the birth of his daughter. Pavlov would dominate the debates with Unionist numbers climbing. The elections would only cement the Unionist party with gains of 8 more House seats and 4 Senate seats, as the Workers party failed to capitalize, Unionist voters in Catherinsk would secure another Senate seat along with 2 more House seats for the party.

Najic's term would be marked by unprecedented growth and stability, with the keeping of conservative policy. Najic was praised as he furthered slashed down on poverty and unemployment, in spite of the Migratory crisis of the past. Pavlov would work in close coordination with the cabinet and Najic to ensure working policy, both internal and external, Pavlov was crucial in ensuring closer observation of the Mariranan conflict by the OAN, and Vinalian aid to the conflict.

Entering into the 2018 elections rumors of Najic's stepping down of his position as chairman and politics, were thought to be caused by conflict between Najic and Pavlov, but this was later dismissed by both. Turden Najic would announce his intention to resign the party leadership and to not run for re election citing, desire to spend more time with his family. Pavlov would run for leadership of the party with little opposition, Pavlov as he had done 2 years prior showcased great ability in debates earning the Unionist party the largest single day membership applications alongside donations since data began to be kept in 1998.

Minister-President (2019-)

Pavlov with the press the morning of the 13th of August 2019, after results were confirmed

Pavlov and the Unionist party ensured a good majority in the coalition, being confirmed as the Minister-President the 29th of January, with Ernst Rupold as president. Pavlov continued the policies of Najic, with great success as his popularity has maintained at a steady rate, emphasizing the need to further the country in social along with economical issues, Pavlov has maintained the importance of a strong auto manufacturing sector supporting Red Coast through high tariffs on foreign made cars with only Vinalian companies or Vinalian made vehicles having great success.

Pavlov has received criticism especially from the Workers Party for flaunting desires to hold closer ties with Euclea having travelled to Narozalica to meet with Minister-President Dimitri Dubrinsky in 2019. He has called for greater international attention to the Mariranan conflict in search for a peace settlement, Pavlov increased the amount of deployed soldiers to the Mariranan border from 1000 to 3000 in early 2020. Pavlov has also overseen the final construction of Vinalinsk, with it's opening in 2020 to be supervised by Pavlov. Pavlov has been seen as a balancing figure between left and right struggles, but has stated he holds views closer to the Conservative party in economic policy but that finds the answer closer in the center when it comes with social issues, approving a Gay Marriage bill in 2017, emphasizing the need to consider everyone an equal in society a clearly leftist overtone.

The 2020 elections saw little change with the Unionist party retaining it's dominant position in parliament, with Pavlov stating the strength of the party and it's results while in government a sign of prosperity in Vinalia, along with the continued existence of the Grand Coalition which Pavlov has stated to be the best device for governance in Vinalia. Pavlov has left the issue on whether he intends on running in 2022 a mystery stating his desire to surrender the leadership of the party to someone younger, to maintain youth interest in politics.

Private life

Omelyan Pavlov is married to Nelya Arturi, the couple married in 1995 after they had met in university 2 years earlier, they have 4 children Sofia (born 1996), Aleksander (b.1998), Katryna (b. 2000), and Nazar (b.2003).

The Pavlov Gang refers to the dominance of the Pavlov family in Catherinsk local politics with Omelyan's parents Nazar, and Polina being members of the Catherinsk City Council representatives since 2008. Pavlov's uncle Borysko Pavlov, became mayor of Catherinsk in 2016 and again in 2020, with his son Andriy Pavlov successfully winning in the House for Catherinsk in 2018. All are members of the Unionist party.

Pavlov is a well known fan of the Catherinsk Tigers of the Vinalian Superliga, Pavlov played junior soccer for the Catherinsk Tigers development squads from 1980 to 1985, Pavlov considered continuing into the Sub-18 category of the club but a knee injury ended his playing years in 1985. Pavlov was granted lifetime season tickets in 2010, Pavlov has attended every Novikov Finals game since 2008 attending the 2016, 2017, and 2018 winning seasons of the Catherinsk Tigers, in 2018 Pavlov helped in inviting the team to the Blue House to celebrate their victory. In 2019 he invited now in the position of Minister-President the Chervona Coyotes along with the Orlavo Red Stars which had won the Superliga and Novikov Cup respectively, and stated his intention on doing so again in 2020.

Omelyan is a baptised Episemialist since birth, but he has stated he is no longer practicing since 2005, although he stated his intention on rejoining the church once his political career was over after visiting the St. Nikolai's Cathedral in Samistopol in 2019.