List of political parties in Vinalia

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This article lists political parties in Vinalia.

Parties with representation in the Vinalian Parliament

Party logo Party name Leader House of the People seats Senate of the Union seats Seats in
North Vinalian state Parliament
Seats in
South Vinalian state Parliament
Municipal level
seats (council majorities for North Vinalia)
UnionistPartyLogo1.png Unionist Party
Юніоністична партія
Yunionistychna partiya
Andrej Plenković 2019 (cropped).jpg
Omelyan Pavlov
69 / 183
14 / 39
50 / 262
33 / 148
78 / 393
Established as a catch-all party for Vinalian Unionists, the Unionist Party has served in some official capacity in all governments of the republic. The party is considered center, but has moved in both directions depending on its leader and ruling coalition partner, with its central position of maintaining the Vinalian republic its driving factor. The party has worked alongside Workers from 1998-2002, and Conservatives from 2008-2015, and has been considered as the deciding party in Vinalian politics regardless of the party with most seats in the Parliament. Following 2015, the party has moved further to the right on economic issues, while remaining on the left socially, this as a result of the Grand Union Coalition and its two other member parties. The parties adaptability and centralism have been greatly criticized, and the party has through its history struggled to be seen enough differently from the other two parties. This has changed underMinister-President Omelyan Pavlov, who has guided the party to strong stability, and high popularity, although his ruling coalition has threatened to derail his successful leadership with infighting, his policies and successful leadership have created a core group of policies and beliefs to better cement the Unionist parties position. The party has sought to steal voters from both its members, with its right wing economic views highly attractive to Conservative voters, and strong social record a strong incentive for Workers voters.
WorkersPartyLogo.png Workers Party
Робоча партія
Robocha partiya
Karol Aída Cariola Oliva (2018).jpg
Rayisa Bohdanivna
37 / 183
10 / 39
53 / 262
9 / 148
63 / 393
The Workers Party is the 2nd largest party in Vinalia. The left wing of the Unionist Party mostly the new guard of the Workers International had during 1994 and 1996, remained relatively active, seeking to move forward various goals and objectives, primarily universal health care, along with other subjects, concepts that could not have been carried out during their time in the Workers International. The Unionist Party which had worked until then as a catch all party for unionists in Vinalia, was beginning to suffer increasing infighting, wanting to create a defining political position for the Unionist Party, Minister-President Vladyslava Danylivna suggested that a new party be formed in 1997. The workers party would under Svyatoslav Lyashenko win elections in 1998, and 2000, cementing the Workers Party as the alternative to the Unionist Party, which had come to be increasingly seen as an extension of the Workers Party, following the Unionist victory in 2002, and its alliance with the Conservative party, the workers party joined the opposition where they remained its largest party until 2015, when they joined the Unionist and Conservative governments in a Grand Union Coalition. Following disappointing showings in 2017 and 2019 the party struggled to find much success in the new Center-Right government of Omelyan Pavlov, growing tensions between Workers and Conservative parties resulted in public outcry primarily at the workers party which struggled to counter conservative attacks. Following a major scandal involving Workers leader Vadym Stepanovych Bojchenko in November 2020, the workers party hit record lows in polling and started a leadership election, as splinter groups sought to replace the workers party. Although considered more to the left than her predecessors Rayisa Bohdanivna, has pushed the Workers party to strong polling, and many hope for Workers Party to challenge the Unionist party for leadership of the country, and to rule without the Conservative party.
ConservativePartyofVinaliaLogo.png Conservative Party
Консервативна партія
Konservatyvna partiya
Neto bran.jpg
Stepan Martynyuk
28 / 183
8 / 39
17 / 262
22 / 148
44 / 393
The Conservative Party, is the former Renewal Party which brought Stefan Danylivna to the Southern presidency in 1964, and Vladyslava Danylivna in 1988. The party was renamed in 1993, following the departure of numerous legislators including Vladyslava to the catch all Unionist party. The Conservative party worked alongside the Unionist party throughout the 90's and early 2000's following a strong Unionist showing in 2002, the Conservative Party which had worked alongside Workers and Unionist governments, joined officially into the ruling coalition of Andrej Nepyip in 2002, and have participated in the ruling government ever since. The Conservatives biggest victory came in the long tenure of Ulyana Hryhorivna from 2008 to 2015 which cemented the Conservative Party as the strongest party in government, ruling alongside the Unionist party until a major corruption scandal toppled Ulyana and her Conservative Party. The Freedom Party emerged from the Conservative Party, and a renewed Nationalist Party toppled the Conservative Party, which joined a Grand Union coalition with the Unionist, and Workers Party from where they struggled to return to prominence, until 2019 when a strong showing under the leadership of Stepan Martynyuk returned the party to prominence and the 3rd largest party in Vinalia. In a bid to earn back Freedom and Nationalist voters, the party has become uncooperative with the Unionist and Workers Party, with rumors spreading of a possible breakup of the Grand Union coalition rampant, such efforts have been met with success.
FreedomPartyofVinaliaLogo.png Freedom Party
Партія свободи
Partiya svobody
Mauricio Radford.png
Trokhym Radkohn
25 / 183
5 / 39
14 / 262
19 / 148
20 / 393
The Freedom Party was formed in 2015 in the aftermath of the Ulyana Hryhorivna corruption scandal which saw her ruling majority and conservative party implode on itself, the Freedom Party benefited from Ulyanas strong economic record, and a general populist tone. The party sought to reduce immigration into the country, along with refusing to work with any of the 3 government forming parties, which earned it many supporters. Its Anti-establishment positions earned it strong support in both North and South Vinalia, the party closely trailed the Conservative party and polled higher than the Conservatives in many instances, but party infighting and inability to provide a strong opposition with other parties, slowly eroded support. Following a large scale Conservative victory in 2019, the party has dwindled in support and spiraled down. Trokhym Radkohn became the party leader following the disastrous results in 2019, where the Freedom party lost its position as the 3rd largest party in the country, Radkohn's leadership has found little success, and many expect the party to further decline as support for Unionist, and Conservative parties remain high.
NationalistPartyofVinaliaLogo.png Nationalist Party
Націоналістична партія
Natsionalistychna partiya
Hryhorij Bujicnovik
11 / 183
1 / 39
0 / 262
15 / 148
9 / 393
The Nationalist party is a rebrand of the Independence Party of South Vinalia which had been established in 1994 in opposition of the Vinalian Reunification, the party had marked itself for its extremist ideology which sought to establish South Vinalia as an independent country. The parties strong rhetoric, and numerous scandals both inside the party and with law enforcements following numerous corruption cases, saw little traction with the population. The rebranding of the party along new lines and positions was met with great success, as numerous legislators and voters freeing from Ulyana Hryhorivnas collapsing Conservative government in 2015 joined the party. Following strong showings in 2015, and 2017, the party has been on general decline since then, with dwindling numbers and supporters. Its current leader is Hryhorij Bujicnovik a former ambassador to Soravia from 2002-2004, Hryhorij has sought to reduce the strong rhetoric and has seen to carve a small section of the electorate and become a general supporter of the Conservative party.
GreenPartyofVinaliaLogo.png Green Party
Партія зелених
Partiya zelenykh
Nineth Montenegro (cropped).jpg
Yana Perepelytsya
8 / 183
1 / 39
30 / 262
8 / 148
3 / 393
Founded on 2006, the Green Party of Vinalia is the 2nd largest leftist party in the country after the workers party, it enjoys strong support among indigenous and urban leftists. Its headed by Yana Perepelytsya its founder and former member of the Workers Party. They have been in support of numerous government initiatives, and have helped create numerous initiatives to aid in defense of the environment. The Green Party works in conjunction with the Indigenous Party of Vinalia, to ensure that votes are not divided between both parties.
VSWILogo.png Vinalian Section of the Workers International
Вініалян секція Інтернаціоналу робітників
Vinialyan Sektsiya Internatsionalu Robitnykiv
Anka Mrak Taritaš (cropped).jpg
Olha Havrylenko
5 / 183
0 / 39
21 / 262
0 / 148
20 / 393
Established in 1905, its the oldest political institution in Vinalia. The VSWI rose to prominence in the 1920's and 1930's when during the Chistovodian Civil War, the party worked alongside the Chistovodian Section of the Workers International, to ensure the establishment of a Socialist state in both Chistovodia, and Vinalia. With the establishment of the People's Republic, the party held power for 48 out of 57 years of the existence of the republic, and was the major driver in the country. After the Vinalian Reunification, the party lost most of its membership to the new Unionist Party in 1993, and had by Vinalia's first election been reduced in size and membership, it has remained since a small player in Vinalian federal politics, although it has had greater success at the local level. Its current leader is Olha Havrylenko which became leader of the party in 2018.
SocialistAlternativeforVinaliaLogo.png Socialist Alternative for Vinalia
Соціалістична альтернатива Віналії
Sotsialistychna alʹternatyva Vinaliya
Khatia Dekanoidze 2016-02-12 (cropped).jpg
Alina Rybak
0 / 183
0 / 39
0 / 262
0 / 148
0 / 393
Following a major scandal involving Workers Party leader Vadym Stepanovych Bojchenko in November 2020, the workers party hit record lows in polling and started a leadership election, the Socialist Alternative splinter group formed by Senator Alina Rybak, sought to challenge the leadership of the Workers Party, but has struggled after initial polling showed greater support for the new vision of Rybak.
IndigenousPartyofVinaliaLogo.png Indigenous Party of Vinalia
Корінна партія Віналії
Korinna partiya Vinaliyi
Vicenta Jerónimo Jiménez.png
Nelya Kianto
0 / 183
0 / 39
0 / 262
0 / 148
0 / 393
Party established in 1996, although it had only competed in State and Municipal elections. It was decided that in 2021 the party would run a campaign for representation in the nations parliament. The party works in conjunction with the Green Party, where both party will not postulate candidates in seats where they could spoil each other.

Parties with representation in State legislatures

Party name Seats in
North Vinalian state Parliament
Seats in
South Vinalian state Parliament
Municipal level
seats (council majorities for North Vinalia)
Indigenous Party of Vinalia
Корінна партія Віналії
Korinna partiya Vinaliyi
17 / 262
5 / 148
15 / 393
Revolution for Vinalia
Революція для Віналії
Revolyutsiya dlya Vinaliyi
9 / 262
0 / 148
7 / 393
Movement of the Vinalian-Chistovodian
Рух віналіансько-чистоводського
Rukh vinaliansʹko-chystovodsʹkoho
11 / 262
0 / 148
0 / 393
Marolevic Alliance
Рух віналіансько-чистоводського
Alʹyans Marolevycha
10 / 262
4 / 148
0 / 393
Episemialist Renewal Party
Партія оновлення епісеміалістів
Partiya onovlennya episemialistiv
6 / 262
9 / 148
5 / 393
Defence of Farmers Party
Партія оборони фермерів
Partiya oborony fermeriv
9 / 262
6 / 148
19 / 393
Party of Family Values
Партія сімейних цінностей
Partiya simeynykh tsinnostey
0 / 262
8 / 148
8 / 393
Anti-Abortion Union
Анти-абортний союз
Anty-abortnyy soyuz
0 / 262
5 / 148
0 / 393

Former parties

  • Constitutionalist Party (1994-2015)
  • Independence Party of South Vinalia (1994-2015)
  • Reformist Party (1994-2019)
  • For the People, by the People (2000-2016)
  • Quetzal Revolutionary Party (2000-2006)
  • Reform and Advance Party (2008-2014)
  • Agrarian Party (2010-2015)
  • League for the Defense of the Family (2011-2013)
  • Family Alliance(2016-2018)