United Kingdom & Realms of Columbia

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United Kingdom & Realms of Columbia
  • Kaliforniese Gefedereerde Ryk (Afrikaans)
    加利福尼亚联合的帝国。 (Jiālìfúníyǎ Liánhé de Dìguó) (Chinese)
    Californienne Confédérés Empire (French)
    Californiana Confederati Impero (Italian)
    カリフォルニアンフェデレーテッド帝国 (Kariforunian Federēteddo Teikoku) (Japanese)
    کالیفرنیا کنفدراسیون امپراتوری (Kealaf'rnaa Kenf'drasawn Amperatwra) (Persian)
    Californiano Confederados Império (Portuguese)
    Калифорнийская Конфедерациска Империя (Russian)
    Californiana Confederadas Imperia (Spanish)
    Каліфорнійська Об'єднана Імперія (Ukrainian)

Flag of the U.K.R.C.
Imperial Seal of the U.K.R.C.
Motto: “Gens structa super sudore, sanguine et somniis”
“A nation built on sweat, blood and dreams”
Anthem: “Victoria non Vindictam”

Royal anthem“Victoria non Vindictam”
United Kingdom & Realms of Columbia as of January 2304
United Kingdom & Realms of Columbia as of January 2304
CapitalGreater Los Angeles, N.C.R.
34°03′N 118°15′W
Largest CityLos Angeles, California
Official languages
Recognised regional languages
Ethnic groups
  • 99.99% Human
  • 81.6% Columbian
  • 12.9% African Columbian
  • 4.2% Asian Columbian
  • 1% Amerindian and Alaska native]
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander
  • <0.01% Aoraqet'yari
GovernmentFederal parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
• Empress
Fiora S. A. Dévnostraéva
• President
Selena H. DeWinter
• Vice-President
Vivienne M. Girardeaux
LegislatureParliament of the Californian Empire
  • Senate
  • National Assembly
Chamber of Delegates
• Declared
November 19, 1999 (1999-11-19)
• President's Day
August 29, 2000 (2000-08-29)
• Internationally Recognized
January 1, 2001 (2001-01-01)
• Recognized by United States of America
January 1, 2001 (2001-01-01)
• Formal Recognition by United States of America
July 7, 2021 (2021-07-07)
• First Constitution
March 16, 2267 (2267-03-16)
• Coronation of Empress Selene
November 1, 2275 (2275-11-01)
• Coronation of Empress Fiora
November 14, 2300 (2300-11-14)
• Present (Selenian) Constitution
December 5, 2300 (2300-12-05)
• Reorganization into the U.K.R.C.
September 5, 2304 (2304-09-05)
• Total
28,308,013.20 km2 (10,929,785.00 sq mi) (1st)
• Water (%)
• 2303 estimate
Increase 4,111,764,864 (1st)
GDP (PPP)2300 estimate
• Total
Increase $1,625.85 Trillion (1st)
• Per capita
$417,785.17 (2nd)
GDP (nominal)2300 estimate
• Total
Increase $1,625.85 Trillion (1st)
• Per capita
$417,785.17 (1st)
HDI (2300)0.978
very high · 1st
CurrencySovereign (CES)
Time zoneUTC-12 to +14 (PST)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-11 to +13 (PDT)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy CE
Driving sideright
Calling code+2
Internet TLD.ce

The United Kingdom of Columbia, officially the United Kingdom & Realms of Columbia (UKRC), informally Columbia, is the successor state of the Californian Empire. The United Kingdom & Realms of Columbia is a transcontinental federation composed of the states, overseas departments and territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom of Columbia and its predecessor states. It began with the overseas possessions and territories acquired by the Federated Republic of California in 1999 with its declaration of independence from the United States of America, since then the nation has grown and expanded its reach across the globe between the early 21st and most of the 22nd century. At present, it is the second largest empire in history behind the British Empire and, for over two centuries the foremost global power. By 2100 the Californian Empire held sway over more than 1 billion people, 15 per cent of the world population at the time, and by 2100 it covered a minimum of 26,500,000 km² (10,231,707.2 mi²), approximately 17 per cent of the Earth's total land area. As a result, its constitutional, legal, linguistic, and cultural legacy is widespread. Like the British Empire, the United Kingdom & Realms of Columbia can be described as "the kingdom on which the sun never sets", as the sun is always shining on at least one of it's territories.

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Heads of State & Heads of Government (Before 2275):
Sélené A. M. DévnostraévaAlexa S. Vassaretti-DévnostraévaJennifer A. JourgensenNatalya S. KensingtonSelena K. H. DeWinter-Dévnostraéva
Heads of State (After 2275): Sélené A. M. DévnostraévaFiora S. A. Dévnostraéva Lillian J. D'Agostino
Heads of Government (After 2275): Selena K. H. DeWinter-Dévnostraéva