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Coat of arms
Coat of arms
BornHong Kong
Preferred pronounhe/him
Country Philimania
LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin
Alignmentneutral good
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbiesmapping, writing
MoviesStar Wars
ShowsQueen's Gambit
BooksHarry Potter
MusicNever Gonna Give You Up
Contact info
Account statistics
Joined2 February 2021
First edit13:41 2 February 2021
SignaturePhilimania (talk)
MTThis user is primarily a
"Modern Tech" roleplayer.
This user is against gun control.
This user was born in the 2000s.
This user is a member of Philimania.
This user is a member of Gentu.
Discord logo mark white.svgThis user chats on Discord as Philimania#2054.

Hi, name is Philimania. :)

Current personal projects include  Philimania and Gentu.

Contact me on Telegram on NationStates. Alt account: User:The American Republic of Philimania

Notes and Sandbox

Gentu is currently 0.68 on the Kardashev scale.

  Union: In a union with "Nation".
  Ally: An ally of "Nation".
  Friendly: A trading partner or in the same organisation with "Nation".
  Aquainted: Same political ideology or organization with "Nation but might not like each other.
  Neutral: No opinion on "Nation".
  Cautious: Wary about "Nation's" behaviour.
  Frosty: Does not like "Nation" and imposes higher tariffs or other restrictions etc.
  Rival: Actively competes for influence etc with "Nation".
  Hostile: Hates or deploys sanctions on "Nation".
  Enemy: Is it war with "Nation".
  Suzerain: A Vassal of "Nation". (If "Nation" is on the header)
  Vassal: "Nation" is a Vassal. (If "Nation" is on a row)
Countries relation matrix
Country  Auralia  Cavala  Hoy Kok  Paloa  Paqueonia  Jukasa
 Auralia X Acquainted Friendly Acquainted Friendly Acquainted
 Cavala Acquainted X Friendly Ally Ally Friendly
 Hoy Kok Friendly Friendly X Friendly Acquainted Friendly
 Paloa Acquainted Ally Friendly X Ally Neutral
 Paqueonia Friendly Ally Acquainted Ally X Rival
 Jukasa Acquainted Friendly Friendly Neutral Rival X
Magical class Definition Examples
Nullus An entity or object that has no magical aspects to speak of. Water, Cypress
Debynis An entity or object with so little magic only specific tool can be used to observe them. Non-magical humans, all wood types except Cypress and Elder
Ekonopai An entity or object capable of most magical branches except for Elemental, Black,
Alten, and Veragian Magic.
religious sites, Magical human
Endoxos An entity or object with such a large reserve of magic it is nearly sentient. Elder wood, Pylosan Fire
Lampros An entity or object with so much magic it became sentient help. N/A