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Introduction to Gentu
Gentu is the second planet from the Sun in the Gentu System. About 67% of Gentu's surface is made up of the ocean. The remaining 33% of Gentu's surface is land, consisting of continents and islands. Gentu's surface layer is formed of several slowly moving tectonic plates, interacting to produce mountain ranges, volcanoes and earthquakes. Gentu formed over 4.5 billion years ago. During the first billion years of Gentu's history, the ocean formed and then life developed within it. the modern Humans emerged 250,000 years ago and have grown to a population of over 12.4 billion in 1950 and a population of over 14 billion as of 2000. Because of the rapid growth in population, Gentu is currently being threatened by social, economic, and agricultural collapse. Combined with humanity's dependency on Gentu's biosphere and natural resources for their survival, pollution, as well as civil disorder, wars, and famines, Gentu's climate, soils, waters and ecosystems is being threatened, causing the displacement of millions of people, refugee crises, rise of sea level, and widespread extinction of other life.

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The FS Mangoo, known simply as Mangoo was a ocean liner operated by the Cynthia Line that entered service in 1989. Built by X in West Damien shipyard, Auralia, she was christened 27 Tebax 1989 and began her maiden voyage 27 Tebax 1989. She was the first of her class, followed by sister ships FS Uraka, FS Mulya, and FS Ironey. On 2 Enero 2000 in the early afternoon, Mangoo sailed into the Auralian Strait but struck a rock at 20:23 (AST) about 13 km (8.1 mi) north of Uraka, Auralia. This tore open a 43 m (141.1 ft) gash on the starboard side of her hull, which soon flooded parts of the engine room, cutting power from the engines and ship services. Several ships were dispatched to assist when her SNN message was received, but most were obliged to turn back due to the poor weather. The evacuation of Mangoo took over 3 hours, and of the 2,205 passengers and 850 crew known to be aboard, 72 have been confirmed dead including the ship's captain Jakub Vovinkel. The Mangoo fully sank at 23:47. (See more...)

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  • ...As of 2000, Gentu is currently at 0.68 on the Kardashev scale.
  • ...Contrary to popular belief, Paqueon is not a real language nor is it the official language of Paqueonia, instead, the official language is Hestandan.
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Photogaphy of Gentu taken in 1999 from the Transnational Space Station.

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